7 Fall Wedding Colors for 2021

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September 08, 2021

Who doesn’t love fall? Not only is the weather ideal, but the stunning colors that come with the season make for a beyond beautiful backdrop for events, especially weddings. So it’s no surprise that October and September are now the two most popular months for couples to say "I do." This knocks  June down to number three for vows.

When it comes to helping clients choose their fall wedding colors, it might be easy to gravitate to the jewel tones associated with fall foliage––they're stunning after all! But there are a bevy of other options that work just as well, whether alone or paired with the traditional reds, purples, and greens that are popular for the season. Here are 7 fall wedding colors for 2021 that will give you that perfect autumn feeling!


1. Desert Neutrals

“We love using primarily neutral blooms with pops of terracotta and burnt sienna,” Ashley Foote at Wild Hill. “This combo can be so fun with textures like pampas, bleached ruscus, and dried fan palms!”

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2. Black

The sky’s the limit when it comes to black—it all depends on what vibe a couple is looking to pull off for their big day. Black with deep red and dark purple gives off a dramatic effect, while black, gold, and silver are perfect for a formal affair. And of course, you simply cannot go wrong with black and white, which gives any event a modern look.

3. Cream & White

While this might seem like a pretty basic pairing, don’t count it out, says Alexandra Wise of Blush Botanicals. “Just because a palette may seem simple, it doesn't mean that it will look simple,” she explains. “Incorporating various fabulous textures makes a subtle palette incredibly interesting to the eye.” In fact, Wise’s absolute favorite pairing is whites and creams with natural green, pops of black and natural wood tones to ground the designs.

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4. Gray 

Gray has become the go-to neutral for everything from home décor and fashion to wedding design. Like black, it looks beautiful with an array of colors. Mix it with dark plum and lilac for a showstopping contrast or add a vibrant pop of color by pairing light gray with deep orange.

5. Golden Mustard

According to the pros at Wild Hill Flowers and Events, this is the top color choice for fall 2021. The warm tone nods at fall while keeping things fresh and light. It can be paired it will all the traditional hues of the season or mix it with shades of dusty mauve for a more romantic look.

Mustard color palette
Photo courtesy of Kelly Russo

6. Shades of Blue

Navy is another color that pairs well with a variety of hues, including gold and silver for a timeless feel, or burgundy, plum, or rust for a more traditional fall combo. Not a fan of navy? Couples can still stay in the blue family with creative pairings such as dark teal and orange, dusty blue with wine red, sapphire with emerald green, or slate blue and sage green.

7. Pastels

Yes, pastels can play a role in a fall wedding color palette—when paired with a deeper hue. Think emerald green and pink, burnt orange and baby blue, and deep purple with lavender and yellow. “We don't think that you need to steer away from bright or pastel colors just because it's fall,” explains Antoinette Yelenic & Lauren Virgin of A&L Events. “There are ways to incorporate shades and tones of any color that you love in order to set your fall wedding apart from others. We believe that bringing in textures and materials to accentuate your palette will prevent your color scheme from falling flat.”

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Hero photo courtesy of Tiny Mum Photography


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