Helping Your Clients Choose the Perfect Color Palette

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April 07, 2021

As soon as you start working with a couple, one of the very first steps in the planning process should be exploring and establishing the color palette. Colors will play a significant role in choosing florals, stationery, linens, wedding party attire, etc. It’s one of the most prominent elements that will set the overall tone of their wedding day. Picking colors is no easy feat, but with you by their side, your clients are well on their way to falling in love with color all over again. Read on and learn how you can guide your clients in finding their color match.  

Research and Inspiration

Every good journey begins with research. Whether your client does or doesn’t have an idea of what colors they want, encourage them to find some inspiration first. Through visuals, they may find color combinations they never thought of before. 

When it comes to all things aesthetic and color, the Design Studio is heaven for event pros. Finding the right color palette will be a much easier process if you take advantage of the Aisle Planner features. As your couple is browsing the AP inspiration gallery and they come across colors that they like, you can import those colors directly to your project. Play around, and mix and match until you find the colors that make your clients smile. 

A Reflection of Personality 

When your clients are reminiscing about their wedding and they bring out photos and momentos, color will immediately speak volumes. The color palette should be an extension of the couple’s personal style. Your job is to get to know them. What do they love about each other? What’s their couple aesthetic? We all know couples have them! It’s this aurora that surrounds them. That same energy and look should be reflected in their color scheme. What colors resonate with them. Prompt them by asking what their favorite colors are, what color represents their relationship, and even what colors look best on them. They will be wearing this color in some form so it should be something that’s flattering. 

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Think of the Mood and Venue

Local is everything. The venue that the couple chooses will set the ambiance and mood of the wedding. Is the couple going for a darker theme, ballroom, ethereal and magical, woodland, or maybe a lakeside theme? Is the venue indoor or outdoor? Is there a lot of vegetation? What type of vegetation? All of these factors will impact the color palette the couple chooses. The colors should feel like they belong in the venue. 

Seasonal Colors 

Colors and seasons go hand in hand. Generally, the color palette should match the season the couple is getting married. Seasonal colors make for a cohesive atmosphere and experience. Of course there are some colors that can work for any season, but below you can find seasonal color palettes. 

  • Spring: pastels, light pinks and peaches, mint green and white, fuchsia and turquoise, lavender and greens
  • Summer: Tropical tones, beachy hues, yellow, orange and pink, pistachio and rose
  • Fall: Warm jewel tones, pumpkin and cinnamon hues, deep shades of purple, burgundy and blue
  • Winter: Reds and black, Grey and blue, forest green and navy 

Cultural Significance

Heritage is expressed in beautiful ways through color. Ask your clients if they have any religious or cultural practices that they will be incorporating into the wedding. Different colors signify different things in various cultures. Some traditions maye  highlight a certain type of cloth or colored fabric. This is key information to consider when choosing colors, so the traditional and religious items that will be used can really shine. For example in Chinese culture, red means good luck and celebration. Oftentimes the bride will wear a red dress, called a qipao and cover her face with a red veil. In Nigerian tradition, couples choose what their guests wear by assigning a color to each partner’s side of the family. These are all important to consider and will assist the couple in choosing a palette that celebrates their heritage. 

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Photo courtesy of Anu Aketi

Meaning Behind Colors

If your couple wants to choose colors that carry a deeper message, learning about Wedding Color Meanings can be a great route for their selection process. Especially if they have a specific theme they're going for. If they want a calm and relaxing atmosphere, they may choose blue hues vs. bold colors that are often energetic and loud. 

  • Green: Growth, new birth, beginnings, nature
  • Blue: Serenity, peace, calm, dreamy
  • Pink: Love, gentleness, devotion
  • White: Innocence, purity, truth
  • Red: Passion, power, confidence
  • Yellow: Cheerfulness, wisdom, warmth, hope
  • Purple: Whimsy, imagination, enchantment, creativity 
  • Brown: Security, stability, comfort
  • Orange: Energy, youth, optimism 
  • Black: Sophistication, elegance, mystery 

Color Combinations

color-rich tablescape
Photo courtesy of Photography by Paloma

Once the couple has started thinking about color in a new way, guide them to picking the palette. A palette should consist of 3 to 4 colors max. Anything more than that will be too much. The base should be the main color that narrates your wedding theme. The accents simply add more variation, dimension, and texture. 

  • 1 Base palette 
  • 2-3 Complimentary: These can be neutral colors like white, beige, or gray. 
  • 1 Accent color: gold, silver, metallic

If the couple is particularly set on one color that they love, and are having a hard time choosing other colors to compliment it, suggest a monochrome gradient. An ombreé of one color can be equally as stunning. Think how lovely 3 to 4 different shades of purple will look with some lavender in the bouquets and centerpieces!  


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