Bethesda, Maryland

The Signature CEO Conference 2022

An educational platform supporting seasoned professionals and emerging entrepreneurs alike! Connect with one another to engage in a hands-on instructional experience that will bridge the gap between business acumen and leadership, network and build lasting relationships, and challenge and empower your CEO mindset to reach your highest potential in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Use the promo code “aisleplanner2022” to receive $200 off a 3-day ticket purchase.

August 22 - 24, 2022

Go from "Figuring it Out" to Full Time - A Free LIVE Masterclass

This masterclass is for wedding planners who are sick of being stuck inside the "figuring it out" phase of business and are ready for the "full time" profitable phase. You will learn the top mistakes that wedding planner coach Becca Tuttle sees wedding planners make daily that block their ability to profit, what to do differently, and why. All so you can finally see real success.

April 28, 2022 @ 10 a.m. PST

The Bridal Masterclass Experience

A full day of styled shoot content all ready for you to create, collaborate, and shoot along with the opportunity to have your products & services featured. Get styled shoot tips, hear from our publishers panel, and enjoy a gorgeous lunch and networking bites & drinks to round out the day. Join us at one of the following locations: London, UK - March 23, 2022 | Washington, D.C. - April 5, 2022 | Philadelphia, PA - April 25, 2022 | Chicago, IL - May 3, 2022 | Brooklyn, NY - August 2, 2022. Use code AP20 for 20% off!


The simple, beautiful, all-in-one business software solution for the modern event professional.

With powerful tools linked seamlessly together in one stylish, intuitive, and easy-to-use online environment, you stay connected to your team, your clients, your partners, and every detail of every project and event. Finally, an online platform designed to look as good as you do, and work even harder.