Get Ready for Fall With Our Favorite Autumn Color Palettes

Fall Color Palette
September 11, 2020

The air becomes more crisp, the leaves begin to change color, everything feels cozy and warm, fall reminds us of the beauty of change. There’s nothing more wholesome and beautiful than the details of an autumn wedding. Deep saturated hues, oranges, and mustards, and bright produce–color and texture are the pinnacle of fall. When a couple comes to you with their dreams of a fall wedding, the first thing you’ll need to nail is the color scheme. Autumn colors come in many shades and hues. That’s where the Design Studio comes in to save the day! You can pull colors directly from the inspiration gallery, making the Color Palette tool a favorite among both wedding pros and couples. Get into the spirit of fall with the Design Studio and some wicked color palettes. 


Color Palette
Photo courtesy: Docuvitae

The Design Studio is the home to all things aesthetic, creative, and gorgeous. Tools like the Style Guide and Color Palettes allow you to understand and have a clearer idea of what your clients’ vision is, and isn’t that what we all want? The ultimate place for creative freedom and design, you can maximize your use of the Design Studio by gathering all of your client’s inspiration in one place, then fine tuning it to the glorious color palette that will color the big day.                 

Color Palette
Photo courtesy: Lillywhite Photography

The splendid thing about our inspiration gallery and any picture found in a styled shoot and real wedding is that our tools automatically create color palettes by pulling colors from the photos. Setting the autumn mood is now easier than ever!

Color Palette
Photo courtesy: Fiona Anderson Photography

Kick off the conversation with the Color Palette tool by pinpointing specifics for design. The color picker gives you the opportunity to explore colors and once you’ve found a color you and your couple adore, simply click on the swatch to save it to your palettes. You can move and switch colors to any palette you want at any time. Everything is adjustable! Some couples may know exactly what they want but most couples just have a general idea. When it comes to fall weddings, the vibe can be very different. There’s lighthearted and organic, deep wine and moody, dark colors and trees, traditional leaves and pumpkins, etc. It’s through the Design Studio and Color Palette that you can help them find their way to their perfect color scheme and fall theme.  

Color Palette
Photo courtesy: Love by Serena

Providing your couple with several color palettes to visualize and choose from will improve their planning experience and show them your level of expertise. You can label each palette with creative names and work with your couple’s feedback to make a color palette that they love. You’re awesome at what you do and the Design Studio is equipped to show off your design skills. 

Color Palette
Photo courtesy: Feather & Stone

Once you’ve found “the one” then you can use the palette as your focal color scheme and begin designing. From the main color palette you can create mini color palettes for each design detail of the wedding such as flowers, linens and napkins, stationery, bridesmaid's dresses, plates and cutlery, etc. All in all, the Design Studio is your friend and will cater to all of your design needs. Happy fall color swatching!


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