The Power of Education for Growing a Successful Business

The Power of Education for Growing a Successful Business
January 06, 2020

In the wedding industry, some of the biggest challenges we face are that the couples we serve are staying the same age, while we keep getting older. And, the trends, technology, and products available change all the time. With that said, if you’re not investing in your business in terms of education for yourself and your team, you can get left in the dust very quickly. Here’s how you can stay up to date with the latest trends:


Yesterday’s News

For some people, they feel that reading wedding magazines and online blogs are enough. However, the challenge you face with this is that you’re reading the same information your clients are reading, seeing the trends your competition is setting, and often end up a few steps behind. Subscribing to industry publications for wedding and event planners is a great start! Also check out magazines for complementary services like tents and catering to show you what the major players are up to and keep you up on the latest trends.

Pro Tip: Our Pro Partners are best-in-class industry experts, educators and service platforms, while our Educational Partners teach Aisle Planner as a part of their ongoing educational curriculum. We’ve curated this list from our professional experience to the glowing recommendations from our community of wedding pros.

Trade Shows

Sometimes, investing in major regional trade shows (such as the Wedding Merchants Business Academy) will give you just the inspiration you need to push your business and creativity forward. Attending bridal shows will show you what couples and other industry pros will be seeing a few months down the road.

The Aisle Planner booth at Wedding MBA 2019
The Aisle Planner booth at Wedding MBA 2019​​​​​


Aisle Planner shares a list of major wedding planning associations across the county holding regional or national conferences in the months ahead. These conferences are an excellent opportunity to refresh your mind, see the latest tools and trends, and grow the skills you need to refine your craft. Oftentimes this can create the opportunity for you to build relationships with planners in similarly sized markets or parallel businesses. This can also spark the opportunity to mentor each other or have an accountability coach.

Check out the upcoming Industry Events here.


For some people, business season, family demands, and finances don’t always allow you to head off for a conference, so online learning might fill your void. The wedding planning industry is filled with free or very inexpensive webinars on dozens of topics, as well as online courses and seminars. Check with some of your local associations to see what their national organization might be offering.


Be sure to get out there locally and network! Not only does attending help you see who’s ahead of the curve and setting trends, but it allows you to share what you know and to build some new relationships.

And, lastly, be sure to take advantage of the Aisle Planner Blog to read expert’s advice from across the country. Not to mention the incredible tools at your disposal to take your business to the next level!


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