Halloween Horror Stories From Wedding & Event Pros

Black Cat on a table - Halloween Horror Stories From Wedding & Event Pros
October 28, 2022

What’s scarier than an empty candy bowl on Halloween? Some of the crazy things you end up doing or seeing as a wedding and event pro! In the spirit of the season, here are some of our community’s most memorable (and spooky) moments. Happy haunting!

The Intoxicated Mother

Does the time I had to send the mother of the groom home early because she was intoxicated by 5:15 p.m. count? Dinner started at 5:00 p.m., LOL! — Diana Caro-Salvador, Lucia Events

The Emergency Room

The florist fell off a ladder and shattered her leg. She had to go to the emergency room to get surgery! — Anonymous

The Missing Groom

My groom disappeared. He was at the altar, then he wasn't. The wedding party was walking down the aisle, but still no groom. Finally, after the last members of the wedding party walked down (there were 16 of them!), the groom reappeared in the white tux I told him he couldn't wear. He had previously entered the ceremony in the pre-approved black tux. — Andria Lewis, Andria Lewis Events

Bride and groom walking in front of tablescape
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The Cake Disaster

I tripped carrying the cake, split my big toenail in half, and shattered my phone screen, but saved the cake! — Brittany Hitch, Alluring Events & Design

The Uninvited Guest

How about having to ask the mother of the groom to leave the private ceremony because she wasn't invited?! True horror! — Nichole Haugen Shin, Nichole Weddings & Events

Two people cheering using black wine glasses

The Impromptu Lifeguard

For a destination Kauai wedding, I had to play an impromptu lifeguard when the drunken wedding party (all ten of them) decided to go skinny dipping in the ocean in complete darkness after the last dance. They even invited the wedding photographer... and I've got pictures to prove it! — Christina Farrow, Aisle Planner

The Final Venue Visit

Going to the final venue visit and the owner tells you they sold... an hour into the meeting! — Anonymous

The 911 Call

An intoxicated guest called the police on me when he couldn't find his personal items that he left unattended, because of course the wedding planner is a security guard too. Police showed up and asked if I wanted to press charges against him! — Holly Patton, Perfectly Posh Events


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