Streamlining With the AP Project Management Tools

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August 05, 2021

Once you book a new client, the planning begins! Planning any wedding or event with Aisle Planner’s powerful and seamlessly integrated suite of Project Management tools makes it easier to streamline your process, collaborate with your clients, and accelerate your workflow. We’ve put together a guide with links to every tool you’ll find in each project that you create in Aisle Planner. Read on to ignite your creativity, spark collaboration, and keep you, your partners, and your clients on task!

Project Management Overview

By getting well acquainted with the Aisle Planner suite of Project Management tools you can set the narrative and pace, and give your clients an experience that will make you stand out. Check out the resources below to get started! 


With the Checklist Tool you can outline necessary planning steps, categorize items, assign tasks with deadlines, and so much more! You’ll be doing more in less time once you master our checklists. 

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The Calendar Tool is the center of organization. You can share and sync your calendar with your team and your clients so everyone can stay up to date on meetings, deadlines, and tasks. 


Aisle Planner’s Timeline Feature empowers you to quickly and easily create timelines for each event. This is a huge selling point for clients! Paired with our other tools, the timeline offers transparency and consistency for everyone involved.  

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Keeping track of the budget can be stressful for some clients but we make it easy! The Budget Manager allows you and your clients to easily keep track of wedding or event expenses and see what’s been paid, what’s due, and when.

Vendor Information 

Each vendor contact record you create in the “Contacts” tab of a project provides a home to keep and share important vendor files like brochures, price lists, proposals, and contracts! This makes them easy to find for both you, your team, and your clients.

Collaboration & Communication

Every Aisle Planner tool is made for collaboration and communication with your team, vendor partners, and clients. The Comments Feature allows you to easily track your conversations and client responses––all documented for you in one easy-to-access place.

Tablet and office supplies

Design Studio 

With the Style Guides and Color Palettes featured in Aisle Planner’s Design Studio, defining your client’s vision and doing more with that vision has never been easier. Upload photos, colors, and sketches, and pull from The Aisle Guide’s Inspiration gallery to assemble a unique and detailed look for each client. 

Floor Plans & Layouts

The cohesive Layouts & Seating Tool allows you to integrate the guest list with your layouts. Upload the venue floor plans, arrange the layout with creative and personalized options, and seat guests all in one place! This is an event planner's dream!

Layout screenshot


We've revolutionized storing and sharing information to another digital level by curating a Notes Tool that's versatile, accessible, and collaborative. Learn how to utilize this tool for all that it’s worth! 

"We are absolutely head over heels for Aisle Planner. We love being able to present our clients with Aisle Planner as our own custom branded project management tool, and they absolutely love using it! It has changed our business forever!" -Krystal Stacey, Couture Events


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