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June 20, 2022

Finances made easy are the words we all want to hear. Worrying about invoicing and payments is a thing of the past with Aisle Planner Invoicing and Wedpay. As an event professional running a small business, having financial tools made just for you will save you time and stress. Turn quotes into invoices with just a few clicks and say goodbye to Excel sheets and long invoicing processes!

Set Yourself Up for Success

Before you make your first invoice, you have to set up your online payments through Wedpay. With Fullsteam’s technology, Aisle Planner has the ability to deliver a payments solution that is fully integrated with the Aisle Planner platform and tools to provide you with the highest levels of support, service, and transaction transparency. Wedpay offers a quick application process and account setup, an easy and secure payment experience for your clients, and automated payouts and invoice updates. You can get started with Wedpay by logging into your Aisle Planner account, heading to the Banking tab in your Business Settings, and beginning the application process. For more in-depth directions with pictures, check out Setting Up Your Online Payment Account and An Intro to Invoicing & Online Payments. And guess what, once everything is set up, you can enable Automated Payment Reminders for your invoices. That means you no longer have to remind clients when payments are due. Aisle Planner will do it for you by sending your clients branded automated email reminders.

Invoice Template Featured on iPad

Streamline Quotes & Invoices 

The most beneficial part about the Invoicing Tool and all of Aisle Planner’s suite of tools is the power of streamlining. In your settings, you’ll find the Templates tab, which will lead you to the Invoice option in the left-hand column. You have the option to enable auto-numbering for quotes and invoices. Although optional, pros love this feature so we encourage you to set it up so you too can reap the benefits. We’ll start you off with the number 0001 but the feature is totally customizable so you can choose a different starting number and your own naming convention. Each quote or invoice produced will increment by one making it incredibly easy to organize and track!

Create Invoice Templates 

Now for the best part, creating an invoice template. Start with a blank invoice template and make as many invoice templates as you'd like for all of the services you offer. Make sure you’ve set up your branding so your company branding and business info appear pre-populated on your template. We’ll pull your logo so your clients can have a fully branded and cohesive experience. 

Template Notes Section: 

  1. Templates are so customizable that we offer rich-text formatting so you can enhance readability and accessibility by adding beautiful headers and emphasis on important instructions.
  2. Provide service descriptions and details for line items like pricing, discounts, and taxes. Build a Product Library to speed up this process even more!
  3. You’ll want to have concise but detailed instructions to guide your clients when making payments. Provide your cancelation and refund policies as well as some form of gratitude, so they know you’re thankful for their business.
  4. Track the process by making updated side notes as you review with your clients.
  5. Link supporting documents related to your invoices, like relevant style guides and final banquet event orders.  

The goal of the invoice template is to set up as much relevant information as possible so that when you actually make an invoice you can simply edit and add the necessary customized details for each unique client. Resulting in time saved! When you’re ready to create an invoice, you’ll have everything you need. Once you hit send your clients will receive a professionally branded email where they can easily view the invoice and pay online.


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