The Process of Refinement: Quotes & Invoices Updates, Documents & Templates Improvements

The Process of Refinement: Quotes & Invoices Updates, Documents & Templates Improvements
July 15, 2019

From science to style, refinement is a practice used by those who work tirelessly to deliver the most exact, precise and polished outcome. It's part of our mission at Aisle Planner in our drive to deliver the most powerful, sophisticated and stylish marketing, sales and planning and project management platform for the weddings and special events industry.

Over this most recent development cycle, we’ve strained our focus on developing a wealth of additions and improvements to our business and sales tools to help you streamline your process, shorten the time to book new business and deliver an unmatched experience for you, your team, your partners and your clients.


Expiration Dates

You get paid faster the sooner your clients are up and running. With the new ability to add an expiration date to your quotes, proposals and contracts, you can create a sense of urgency to your process and your client, creating better efficiencies and quicker payments. Including an expiration date to your document also generates a check-in prompt. Additionally, it acts as a layer of protection, eliminating the risk of having to honor old pricing or promised deliverables.

Taxable Service Charges

Your business comes down to dollars. Booking that business, therefore, depends on how you organize them in your quotes and invoices. You needed more flexibility, dependability and ease to properly apply important charges and taxes. We delivered. With our new customizable service charge and updated tax lines on quotes and invoices (including your quotes and invoice templates), you can now create charges and tax assignments unique to your needs and avoid the risk of human error in manual calculation.

Accepting Quotes on Behalf of Your Clients

Time is a luxury. Often times, however, you don't have it when working through your booking process. If you accept verbal approval from your clients, you can now accept quotes on their behalf. Your clients no longer need to receive and review the document via email, approve, and return..

Manual Payments & Refunds

Your bottom line is critical to your business. We want to make sure you can keep track of every penny on every invoice. We also know you need to focus your productivity where it counts. We’ve added the ability to backdate manual payments on invoices so your bookkeeping reflects accurate dates. In addition, we’ve given you the ability to enter in a manual refund on an invoice.

Voiding Signed & Unsigned Proposals & Contracts

Efficiency in the booking process is the name of the game. With our new void feature for brochures, proposals and contracts, you’ll no longer have to indicate previous documents are null and void on your newer, updated versions.

Editing & Resending Documents

It happens. Inevitably, details can change midstream of your process and you can catch errors after you hit 'send'. You and your clients still need a seamless document experience. With this update, you now have a clear and simplified way to edit and resend documents all the way up to the point they’ve been signed. You can create new versions and void old ones automatically.

Delivering a streamlined and effective project journey for you, your team, your partners and your clients. To bring it together through a continual refinement process all in one online space, from kickoff to client review is our commitment to you With our built-in marketing features, a complete suite of sales and CRM tools, and a robust planning and project management platform, our mission remains to provide you with the “Power of One" so you can deliver amazing client experiences, craft extraordinary events and build better, stronger businesses.


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Trevor Wessman-Lavelle
Trevor Wessman-Lavelle
Aisle Planner, VP Sales & Marketing
When he's not pulling dad duty with school pickups, ballet drop-offs, and college student coaching, Trevor is heading up Aisle Planner's marketing and sales teams to craft the Aisle Planner brand stories, paving the paths to connect it with our pro and consumer audiences, and creating new customers and loyal advocates who are using our powerful suite of tools to change their businesses and their lives.