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Aisle Planner Customer Service team
August 22, 2023

Have you ever had a question so you wrote in or emailed us? Well, you were talking to our lovely Customer Support team! They are dedicated to helping you make the most of your Aisle Planner account and help you navigate the all-in-one suite of tools. As a pivotal cornerstone of the AP family, we're excited to share more about our CS team and give you their top AP quick tips!

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What’s Special About Our CS Team

  • I think the coolest thing about our support team is that we're real people and not bots. Pros write to us every day, and for those that have been around for a while or even those new to our platform, there is a comfort in knowing we have their backs and are always advocating for them and their best interest. 
  • We all come from the event industry! From event managers to Venue, F&B, sales and marketing, and past planners, we understand your clients and your business. 
  • We love our pets and they oftentimes join us for our team meetings! 
  • We love showing users new features, or “new to them” features they might not have discovered. Nothing better than getting to have “A-ha!” moments that might make someone's day a little easier!

CS Top AP Quick Tips

  1. Curious about what clients see? Add yourself as a client and walk through the invitation process (use your Sample Project). Send yourself a contract/Invoice/Questionnaire to get the full 180-degree experience. This helps you answer your client's questions since you'll know firsthand what they will see and experience. 
  2. Take the time to set up your templates in your business settings, it's the foundation of your AP account and will save you a ton of time!
  3. Onboard your clients with a custom video from your account, showcasing how to use the tools and how to collaborate. (Loom is a great platform for this!)
  4. Use your Object Templates: Custom tables, cool rental pieces, plants, tablescapes, etc., to add a little “extra” to your layouts. 
  5. Don’t forget to turn on your Lead Auto Response (and attach a brochure!) 
  6. Join our private Facebook group, We Are Aisle Planners, for industry tips from other AP users, and tips and tricks from your CS team! 
  7. Apply Merge fields to your contracts, save time editing, and use these fields to auto-populate information. Less editing saves time! 
  8. Use Questionnaires to replace or reduce meetings. Have a client call coming up? Can you send a questionnaire in advance to give you and your clients a head start? This might give you both some time back.
  9. Building your Product Library will make Quote or Invoice creation a breeze. You can quickly add or change your offerings without having to create that product or description each time. 
  10. Set up email templates: save yourself from re-crafting the same messages over and over 
  11. The checklist: are you still using Aisle Planner’s default copy? Make this your own workflow, tasks, and timeframes. This is like your VA so nothing slips through the cracks. It’s much easier to remove tasks or categories in a project than it is to add. 

Favorite Help Center Articles

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This article is great because it gives our pros real-time access to what new features are coming, what has just been released, and prod updates 

How can I save $$ on Aisle Planner?  

Refer a friend, Earn Rewards
You get $25 credit every time a referral signs up with us (there is no limit)! They also get 25% off their first 3 months!


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