Summer Into Fall Wedding Trends

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August 22, 2022

August is the bridge between summer and fall, and there are some trends that prove to be so popular that they can easily be used more than once a year. With summer coming to a close, here are some fun and creative ideas that can be showcased at a late summer or fall event!

Sage Green

There’s a reason that sage green has become so popular for wedding color palettes. Not only is it a gorgeous hue but it works with any style or season. In the summer, sage green pairs perfectly with pinks and peaches, while in the fall it looks beautiful with gold and brown for a rustic feel, or white and ivory for a crisp, clean look.

Sage wedding and florals
Photos courtesy of Ross Alexander

Fall Drinks & Treats

Although summer is synonymous with enjoying in-season fruits, you can also incorporate nature’s bounty in your fall wedding’s cocktails, menu items, and dessert options. And you do not need to limit yourself to pumpkin (although we love it!). Early fall is the best time for apples, passion fruit, and pears.

A pear cocktail and a berry dessert
Photos courtesy of Heather Kincaid Photographer (left), Gagewood (right)

Bright Colors

Couples are leaning more towards showstopping colors for their big day. While it seems easier to play with bright colors in the summer, you don’t need to shy away from bold hues in the fall. Baby blue and pink, bright green, orange, purples, yellow, and peach are summer colors that can be incorporated into your early autumn event in small ways to add a fun pop of color.

Collage of a bright summer into fall wedding with an orange motif
Photos courtesy of Esther Griffin Photography

Textured Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes have made a comeback and textured wedding cakes have been trending this summer, with couples choosing lace, dots, and embossed floral designs for their outdoor affairs. This is definitely a trend that can be used for fall vows, but you can switch it up for the season with diamond patterns, overlapping circles, diagonal stripes, or ridges to set your cake apart for the season.

Textured cakes
Photos courtesy of Huoy Chen Photography (left), Leah Bullard (middle), Heather Kincaid Photographer (right)

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events became the norm due to the pandemic, and many guests are still more comfortable being outside with large amounts of people. Yes, the weather is getting cooler, but you can still have an outdoor wedding in the fall. All you need to do is prepare in advance for the lower temps that come at night to make sure your family and friends are comfortable throughout the event.

Wedding bonfire s'mores
Photo courtesy of Swak Photography

Elaborate Tablescapes

When it comes to centerpieces, couples are focusing less on the hanging floral installations and more on their overall table design. Elaborate tablescapes featuring specific details—think plates, glasses, flowers, etc. that have a cohesive theme—are gaining more prominence for every season.

Pink toned tablescape with big florals
Photos courtesy of Kernwell Photography 

Frozen Treats

You don’t need to limit frozen goodies to the summer months. After all, it can still be warm during the day in early fall. Serve up ice cream, frozen hot chocolate, a pumpkin iced latte, or even an autumn-inspired milkshake.

Ice cream cart and a couple eating ice cream
Photo courtesy of Camila Margotta Photography (left), Karina Papadopoulos Photography (right)


No matter what the season, couples are making sustainability a priority when planning their big day. From choosing eco-friendly vendors/ decor and serving locally-sourced food to sending out online save-the-dates and invitations and recycling wedding items, there are so many ways to go green on your wedding day.

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Photo courtesy of Kaitlin Rodgers Photo

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