8 Tips for Planning a Mother's Day Picnic

8 Tips for Planning a Mother's Day Picnic
May 04, 2022

Even when you’re in the midst of busy season, it’s important to celebrate other special moments that come up—especially Mother’s Day. This annual holiday pays tribute to the incredible women in our lives, and it doesn’t have to just be moms. Grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, and other role models can also be celebrated, so feel free to include all of the women who have been there for you throughout the years. Make it a true family affair! One way to make the day memorable is by hosting a Mother’s Day picnic. While it might seem like a casual activity, that doesn’t mean it can’t be super special. Here are 8 tips to pull off a picnic with ease!


1. Choose your location

Of course, the easiest place to have a picnic is in your own backyard. But if you don’t have the space—or would simply like a change of scenery—then scope out nearby parks, fields, lakes, or gardens that are in full bloom. Some locations might even have charcoal grills on-site if you feel like barbecuing some food. Just make sure you don’t need a special permit to use the locale.

Pretty green hills

2. Send out a cute invite

Make the occasion extra special by emailing out a pretty invite to anyone you’d like to attend. Include all of the details of your Mother’s Day picnic, including what time to arrive and what to wear. This is especially important if you plan on being outside the entire time. 

3. Get some comfy seating

Determine if your guests will be comfortable sitting on a blanket in true picnic style, or if they’d be better off in comfy seats. You can easily rent some padded folded chairs from a local business or grab a few chairs you have on hand and mix and match for a fun ecelctic look!

Picnic by a lake

4. Set up for shade

Not everyone will want to sit in the sun the entire time, so make sure the location has some shady areas where people can get a break from the heat. There should be some big trees that offer shade, or you’ll need to bring umbrellas or a portable tent with you.

5. Bring supplies

Pack some sunscreen and bug spray in case your guests need it. You might also want to bring along some citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes away while you eat.

6. Plan the menu

Food plays a huge part in any celebration. For this one, keep it simple by serving prepared foods you can easily eat with your hands. Think gourmet sandwiches, chips, cheese and crackers, and bite-sized desserts. And don’t forget the fresh fruit and some champagne so you can raise a glass to these important women, as well as a few non-alcoholic options.

Charcuterie board
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7. Add special touches

If you’re holding the picnic away from home, you’ll want to bring along small decorative items that are easy to transport. Think flowers, fun cocktail napkins, small vintage plates, colorful (and lightweight) serving trays, and even colored tea lights.

8. Play some games

Keep everyone entertained by including some board games or lawn games at the picnic. Bocce ball, cornhole, and horseshoes are all fun to play with and easy to transport from one place to another.

Two women on a picnic blanket

Don’t forget the gifts! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give each of the important women in your life a gift from the heart.


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