Support Working Moms With These Meaningful Acts of Kindness

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April 24, 2021

Moms are—and have always been—superheroes. They wear an unfathomable amount of hats and are experts at pivoting between nurse, chauffeur, teacher, caretaker, and coach. Add in the additional layers of responsibility resulting from a global pandemic... and we aren’t sure how they do it. What we do know? We know moms are burnt-the-heck-out. Yet, all we usually do is muster up some half-hearted praise: 

“I don’t know how moms do it.”

Verbal encouragement is great, but your support shouldn't end there. Instead of standing by and merely marveling at their awesomeness, our friends at Greetabl have compiled a list of tangible ways you can help the moms in your life. Here are nine easy ideas to provide practical help to a mom: 

Serve Dinner on You

For a mom, cooking can feel like a revolving door. As soon as the dishes are clean from the prior meal, it’s time to start thinking and preparing for the next. Give mom a break from the hamster wheel of food prep and organize a meal train for her. There are even free websites like Meal Train that do the heavy lifting for you. In three easy steps, you can have a seamlessly organized support system for her:

  1. Enter your friend or family member’s name. 
  2. Input the date(s) that would be helpful.
  3. Include the mom (+ family’s!) food likes, dislikes, allergies, and the best time to drop off a meal.

Another viable option to help a mom is sending an Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card. Before you think, "Well, that sounds like the easy way out!" hear us on this. Greetabl is a high-quality and sustainable gift option for those who want to send a gift card without feeling like they took a shortcut. We offer a thoughtful gift card solution because our personalized boxes are fun, easy, and memorable. Best of all, our team works with small makers across the country to curate a selection of high-quality products to amplify the gift card unboxing experience. You can see our full list of options here.

Greetabl Gift Card Options

Complete Her Most-Hated Chore

Does this mom hate doing laundry? Maybe she despises cleaning the kitchen. Perfect! Now you know exactly where to start. Gently say, “I’m coming over this afternoon to help with [most- hated chore].” Of course, you can't force your assistance on her. However, we’ve found this approach to be more successful than asking, “What can I do to help?” Most often, the answer is “nothing” or “I don’t know.” Being specific in your offering is incredibly beneficial!

If she’s open to it, consider offering to hire a cleaning crew. (Talk about an amazing Mother’s Day gift!)

Volunteer as Babysitter

Take her child(ren) out for some socially distanced activities, such as going to the park. Quality time to do whatever she wants is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Send Happy Mail 

Surprise and delight a mom in your life with a “just because” gift in the mail. We’re partial to a Greetabl gift, but even something as simple as a hand-written note can go a long way. 

Mother's Day Mail from Greetabl

Help with Fido & Friends

Though she adores her furry friends, we know the added responsibility of a pet can weigh on a mom. Offer to take the dog for a walk, clean the cat’s litter box, or feed the fish. 

Tackle the Grocery List

Especially if you’re already headed to the grocery store, offer to take care of her list. You’ll be like Instacart without all the fees.

Simply Listen

Maybe the easiest on the list, but arguably the most important. Listen. Moms have a lot on their plate and they’re constantly doing everything for those around them. Let them vent about their job, workload, kids, or schedule. In what little free time, she might want to just sit, relax, and talk. Give her the freedom to do nothing, together.

Help with Homework Time

This past year, moms have taken on the additional stress of virtual learning. She’s likely burnt out from math equations and American History. Give her a break and step in with her children’s homework, even if it needs to happen over Zoom. 

Mother and Daughter with Greetabl

Support Her 365 Days a Year

At Greetabl, we have a special place in our hearts for Mother’s Day. We love the opportunity to celebrate all the amazing women in our lives, but we don’t want the acknowledgments to be limited to one day only. Start with Mother’s Day (we have curated options just for her!), and continue the encouragement rolling all year long. 

A Special Note for Working Moms

Working from home doesn't make their job harder or easier—it just makes it different. For those who are supporting a working mom, remember her job doesn't stop when she logs off her computer for the evening. For these unique challenges, we’re opening up the conversation and listening to working moms who are living this out every day. 

Tune in to the Aisle Planner Instagram from May 3rd to May 7th where we'll be hearing professional moms within the Aisle Planner community. Don’t miss out on these thought-provoking conversations via IGTV!

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