2022 Spring Color Palettes + Trends to Pair Them With

Spring florals with a pink cocktail
March 04, 2022

It’s no surprise that spring is such a popular time of year to say "I do." Not only is the weather pleasant (although you might encounter some May showers), but the blooming flowers and trees make nature the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. While spring is associated with pastels, you shouldn’t feel limited to those color schemes. In fact, many couples are stepping out of the box and choosing unconventional colors for their spring vows. Here are some palettes to consider—along with emerging trends you can pair with them!


Sage Green + Yellow

Skylar Caitlin of Chancey Charm Weddings reveals that the color she’s seeing everywhere for spring is Sage Green, which can be paired with pretty much any color you can think of. “You can even use sage to soften bright summery tones like yellow to create a balanced, colorful design plan,” she explains.

Spring Trend:

Dresses with puff sleeves—inspired by Bridgerton—will be all the rage this season. We think they’ll look particularly pretty in soft spring hues.

sage and green colors
Photos courtesy of J L Glamour Photography

Black, White & Dusty Hues

Mariah McKechnie of Northland Special Events is seeing a huge trend towards black and white weddings with subtle pops of color—even for spring weddings. “Spring clients are choosing ‘dusty’ palettes, rather than strictly pastel colors. Think dusty blues, greens, pinks,” she says.

Spring Trend:

Interactive guest experiences continue to trend more all the time. Some examples include vintage rotary phone guest books, multiple photo op backdrops, and personalized seating displays.

Black and white colors
Photos courtesy of JAMSTUDIO Weddings

Champagne, Green & Blush

Champagne is an unexpected neutral that gives a classic feel to an event, while green and blush simply never go out of style, according to Nicole Froelich of Nicole Please, plan my Wedding! Together they can create an eye-catching color scheme.

Spring Trend:

Champagne Towers are back, says Froelich, so why not feature them with your champagne and blush color palette?

Green and pink
Photos courtesy of Effleurer Photo

Peach & Slate Blue

You can’t help but smile when you see this sweet color combo. Slate blue works especially well in spring without being your typical pastel hue.

Spring Trend:

Vintage furniture and nostalgic touches will show up at many spring weddings—and we think this palette works well with the theme.

Blue and peach colors
Photos courtesy of Amy Maddox Photography

Taupe & Terracotta

Many couples will be gravitating towards natural Boho elements this spring, with taupe a clean base paired with Terra cotta for a pop of color that doesn’t feel too autumnal for a spring wedding, notes McKechnie. Rust and dusty rose would also look beautiful if you’re not a Terracotta fan.

Spring Trend:

Dried grasses and blooms will be popular floral options for spring couples.

Taupe and pink
Photos courtesy of Eastlyn and Joshua

Cherry Blossom & Fuchsia

Spring is the perfect time of year for this cheery color combo! The fuchsia adds that wow factor to the more subtle hue of cherry blossom, creating a palette that will surely impress your guests.

Spring Trend:

This combo would look amazing for wedding centerpieces and plenty of greenary, as couples are still gravitating towards floral arrangements in bold colors.

Bright pink
Photos courtesy of Mink Photography

Iridescent & Lavender

“I am loving an iridescent palette for spring weddings for a modern twist on pastels,” says McKechnie. “It's a surprising twist that complements a number of colors and adds a fun shimmer in glassware and décor.”

Spring Trend:

This color palette also pairs well with disco balls—another fun trend that McKechnie loves.

purples and blues
Photos courtesy of Captured by Martina


Hero photo courtesy of Effleurer Photo


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