Understanding the Return of Your Marketing Efforts

Understanding the Return of Your Marketing Efforts
January 17, 2020

Chances are, that as a busy wedding and event professional, you're so busy planning and managing the day of the event that you rarely look at how well your marketing efforts are working. Until, of course, it's too late and the emails stop coming in! Here are some simple tips to help you see how your marketing efforts are working and how they can be improved upon to benefit the future of your business.


Tracking Leads

More than likely, the wedding portals where you advertise send you your leads through a designated email address, or you retrieve leads directly from that portal. If you're running an ad in a local publication, be sure to use a unique email address, so you know which leads are coming to you from that specific add or feature. 

Did you know? That you can connect your Lead Contact Form to Facebook page to automatically bring in any leads to your lead manager in Aisle Planner? We'll walk you through setting it all up here. Head to the Help Center to learn more about Aisle Planner's Lead Manager.

Keep a Chart

At the end of the month, review your email leads from your website and each location where you advertise. Break down the results of each advertisement and chart it by the total number of leads, initial consultations, and clients booked. From there you can do some simple calculations to figure out your consultation closing rate and booking rate.

Marketing with Intent

Consultation Closing Rate

To find your consultation closing rate, start by taking the number of consultations you booked from the total number of leads. Then multiply that number by 100.


If you got 10 email leads and met with 5 of them, your consultation closing rate is 50%.

5/10 or .5 x 100 = 50%

Booking Rate

The same calculations will apply as you start to look at your booking rate. Divide the number of weddings or events you booked through those leads by the total number of emails you received. Then multiply by 100.


Let's say from the same 10 email leads, you booked 2 events. Your booking rate would be 20%.

2/10 = .2 x 100 = 20%

What Does That Tell Me?

These simple calculations can tell you several things. Firstly, it'll tell you the number of leads that are coming in through any given portal where you advertise. A low number may mean that stream is not producing enough traffic for what you're investing. However, this could be because of your current processes! Your next steps should be looking at your online listings, your response time, the information you share when someone reaches out, how you come across on the phone, or even how you conduct your face to face meetings. Learn what areas can be improved upon to help benefit the future of your business!


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