Taking Care of Your Team: 5 Ways to Keep Your Team Safe During & After the Pandemic

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March 17, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty and disruption in the wedding industry and beyond. Living in this new normal has made us all much more aware of illness and the spread of germs. We may not know when events and gatherings will fully resume, but we can prepare and take precautions to ensure the safety of our teams, clients, and vendor partners. Here are five ideas on how you can continue to keep everyone safe during and beyond the pandemic.


1. Branding, but Make It Safe

Who said that during a pandemic you can’t stay strong and consistent with your brand? Since masks have become an integral part of being outside and around others, why not make branded masks to unify your team and your vendor teams? They're an investment that'll surely get great use. Also, they put right front and center your brand and explain your brand values without having to say a word! 

2. Comfortable Hand Protection

Another branded product to consider investing in—gloves. Get comfortable and durable gloves for your team to wear during event setup or during any other task that requires them. Once you have the essentials, you can brainstorm about other items you think your team may need. You know what procedures you want to implement best and your needs may be different than another wedding team.


3. Restructuring Team Work Schedules

Consider who needs to be where and when. Does your entire team need to be in the office at the same time? Does everyone need to go on a site visit? Think about your workflow and who is essential to being in different locations at any given moment. You can have different team members visit a site on different days and shift schedules so fewer people will be in close proximity. This is an easy way to adapt to a safer work environment that meets CDC guidelines.

4. Meetings

Nothing can replace face-to-face interactions, but most of us already have the technology and platforms to meet without risk. Your regular in-person meetings with your team, vendors, and clients can be easily transferred over to online platforms like; Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype.

5. Sanitary Essentials Gift Baskets

Times are tough, and a kind gesture can go such a long way. Showing your team and vendor teams appreciation with a gift basket will make their day! The bonus is that you can make a themed basket full of items that promote health and safety. A sanitary essentials basket D-I-Y style. You can buy your own baskets and fill them with items such as soap, hand sanitizer, your branded masks, comfortable gloves, etc. You can add other little goodies to express your team’s importance during this time and show how much you care about their safety and health.


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