Should You Put Your Pricing on Your Website?

Should You Put Your Pricing on Your Website?
July 18, 2018

Wedding pros spend a lot of time corresponding with couples who are just inquiring about pricing. And, while having the chance to potentially sell your services makes the back and forth worth it, it can also be a drain on resources when, really, they can’t afford you. This leads us to the question: Should you post your pricing on your website?

The simple answer is that it is entirely up to you. It is after all, your business, your time, and your website. The choice is yours and I don't think there is a black or white, right or wrong choice. However, before you run off an either put your pricing on your website or take it down, I'd like you to consider a few things:


Less Leads to Follow Up With – But is That a Good Thing?

My main question here is, “Will posting your pricing on your website reduce the number of your I’m-not-in-your-price-range leads or your leads in general?” One one hand, if you put your pricing on your website and a couple doesn’t reach out because your listed price is out of their range, yes – you’ve spared yourself an empty lead. On the other hand, you just missed the opportunity to educate, customize a package for an ideal client, and leave a general positive impression on someone who might refer you to someone else.

In my experience, often a weak lead turns into a great one when you have the chance to actually talk with them! Couples who are planning their wedding often have no idea what things cost or why. So, that initial conversation can be incredibly valuable to guiding them through the information they need to understand who you are, what you provide, and essentially the value to your services.

Did You Really Waste Your Time?

There is always the chance that you get to the end of a sales conversation and they are still not the right fit. And, in my opinion, you still have gotten two positive things out of it. First, you practiced your sales pitch. This is beneficial since most of us aren’t particularly comfortable selling but it is a skill that is definitely required to succeed as a wedding professional and one that we teach at our wedding planner workshop. Is might be cliché but, practice makes perfect! Second, you had the opportunity to leave a strong impression of your brand. You took 15-30 minutes to be warm, honest, and educating to this couple. Although they might not be the right fit, they may pass along your name to a friend or family member who is.

Are You Selling Yourself Short?

How often is your pricing black and white? If your anything like the team here at LVL Weddings and Events, we ask potential clients for lots of details before we can accurately quote our services. Things like guest count, location, length of event, and if they are using pro vendors all impact our pricing. So, if I had a price listed on my website, it's likely the couple is going to be less than thrilled their quote is different than the price they saw.

Your Pricing is on Your Website - Problem solved?

Maybe you are reading this and thinking, “I am okay losing out on some leads to not have to spend time on price shoppers and leads without the budget for my services.” And, I hear you! Let's pivot then. Are you thoroughly explaining what you do, who you are, and the services you offer? Or does your website and content look like all the other wedding vendors the couples are looking at? Spend some time critically reviewing the images and copy on your website to make sure they attracting the client who is going to value you, your services, and be comfortable with your pricing. I am confident that when your website supports your pricing, you will spend a lot less time with couples who can't afford you.

Here’s the Compromise!

If you are really set on listing your prices on your website, my recommendation is listing your “starting at” price as well as information about how your pricing is structured. As a planner, I have always loved when photographers have this listed on their site. It allows me to guide my couples to photographers in their budget range. Now, I think it is a bit more complicated for planners, a but I say try it out and see how things go for you.

I hope this helps you think critically about what might be the best solution for YOU.      


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Heather Hoesch
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