Mental Health Tips From Pros

A bed with a book and a coffee cup
May 09, 2024

Taking care of your own wellness and mental health is a constant journey that is worth taking! It's the most important investment and step to living a fulfilling life. You can't help others without filling your cup first. Get inspired with some quick mental health and self-care tips from AP pros!



"I love a good walk on the beach early in the morning before anyone is out––coffee in hand with the waves crashing down. The loud calm of the ocean reminds me that even if life is a little hectic at times, we can find beauty in what we accomplish." -Fre By Suher

"Therapy and weekly tequila dates with friends. Schedule it like it's an important appointment! And boom, it works!" - Just Glam Events

"Taking the day to get a massage, and a mani and pedi."-Kay Northup

"Facials and sauna time!" -All Grand Events Floral

Relaxing by eating healthy and reading

"Prioritize water, healthy food, moving your body, and sleep." -Heather Hoesch

"Never give up. Cherish the bad days like the good days. Be thankful." -D Grady

"I meditate every night before bed." -Jennifer Cheifetz Events

"Limit Screen time!" -Keen Events

Doing yoga and reading.

"Knowing when to step away from work and be present with your partner, or friends and family. It will refresh the mind to allow you to be more clear and level headed when you get back to work." -Powerful Moments

"Time blocking and setting boundaries is key!" -Serendipity Events

"Chocolate chip pancake breakfast with my husband on Saturday mornings before the chaos begins."-Life With Liz Garcia

"A glass of wine and a hot bath when I get home from working a long wedding day?" Scout and Grace


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