How to Prepare for a Wedding Weekend

How to Prepare for a Wedding Weekend. Woman in orange setting a beautiful tablescape
July 06, 2022

This year has been a whirlwind full of busy days and events stacked back to back. As wedding professionals,  we know that it takes months of preparation to set yourself up for a successful event. Your work begins the moment you first meet with your clients and continues all the way to that late-night teardown. Today, we're running through some of the most important pre-wedding prep that will ensure that you're ready for all of your events! Open up your Aisle Planner Checklist and make sure your crunch-time workflow includes these items!


Documents to Print

The Timeline

In addition to having a copy for yourself and your team, it's always a good idea to print out a couple of extra copies (i.e. for the DJ and the catering team). Remember, if you misplace your hardcopy in the hustle and bustle of set-up, you can always access it and everything else in your Aisle Planner account on your mobile device.

The Guest List & Seating Chart

It’s always a good idea to have a hard copy of the full guest list and seating chart on the day of. We recommend printing it in alpha order for easy reference just in case a guest can’t find their escort card or you need to know who the guest who ordered the vegan-gluten-free meal was.

A Contact Sheet

Be sure to create a contact sheet note that lists the cell phone numbers for all of the vendors as well as the VIP list of the wedding party. Print one for your team and have one for the bride as well (extra points if you organize it by "if this then that" so she knows exactly who to contact in case you are not available).

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Things to Share

As the wedding planner or coordinator, it's your job to make sure that everyone has all of the information they need for a successful day-of. So, when you're doing your final check-ins with your vendor partners, be sure to confirm that they have:

  • The timeline
  • Parking and load-in instructions
  • The venue address (this might seem silly but trust us, eventually someone will call you because they forgot where they're supposed to be)

Things to Do

1. Collect all of the Décor Items

When you are working with full-service clients, you most likely have been collecting (letting them take over your office) all of the décor items. But, this is likely not the case when you are working with month-of clients. So, be sure to get all of the decor items from the couple so that you can take price tags off, stand-up candle wicks, etc.

2. Alphabetize the Escort Cards

One of those day-of surprises that can throw a timeline off is not having the escort cards organized in alphabetical order for easy setup. The week prior to the wedding, task yourself, a member of your team, or your client with organizing them to avoid any day-of delays.

3. Buy Snacks

Yes, we know that you are supposed to get a hot vendor meal but your day isn’t starting just a few hours before dinner is served. Be sure to stock up on snacks to keep you fueled at 10:00 a.m., through that lunch you’re not going to have time to eat and the afternoon slump. Don't forget to fill that water bottle and have a refill plan to keep you hydrated. In order to perform at your best, you have to feel your best! 

4. Fill Your Gas Tank

Nothing is worse than starting off your morning on an empty tank. Or leaving the venue at midnight on an empty tank only to realize there's no gas station that's open past 10:00 p.m. for miles. Add this to your list and we promise you won’t regret the reminder.

5. Treat Yourself to Something

A little pre-game never killed anybody, treat yourself to something! Whether it’s getting your nails done, a happy hour with friends, or just an unscheduled and work-free evening at home, making sure that you’re taking care of yourself before spending the next few days taking care of everyone else is always a good thing.

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