How to Craft a Virtual Planning Package

Virtual Planning Package
August 02, 2023

During the pandemic, we all got to experience some of the perks of virtual life, including being able to welcome family and friends to events while still keeping everyone safe. We didn’t have an option but to adapt to our changing environment by embracing online tools and platforms. Although we've come far since those days, virtual planning is here to stay. If you haven't already, the time has come to design virtual wedding and event packages that reflect client needs and brand you and your business accordingly! A virtual option in addition to your existing packages will be a long-lasting win for your company. Having virtual packages is a huge asset and another avenue for revenue. Learn all about the benefits of virtual packages and how to market them!

The Benefits  

For obvious reasons meeting in person isn’t safe at the moment but gone are the days of having to be in the same location as your clients. Maybe you’re a few cities over, maybe even states, but the location is no longer a barrier. As a virtual planner, you can help plan the majority of the wedding remotely, complete tasks, and give the best tips and tricks from wherever you are located! 

Oftentimes couples don’t hire a planner due to cost, even though planners are vital to the success and foundation of a wedding. Virtual planners are usually not as expensive as traditional planners. Instead of having to choose from a full-service package to a 4-6 week package, a virtual planning package can assist clients at any level, allowing planners to tailor their services specifically to what clients need. If the cost is a concern for a possible client, a virtual option is a better, more streamlined, and affordable option. 

Save yourself time: 
Planning virtually means you can plan around your schedule as well as your clients. Having several different options for virtual packages means having varying time requirements for each, opening you up for more work.

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Creating a Marketable Virtual Package

A strong website: 
We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a website that is easy to navigate. Spend time ensuring that all of your information and services are fully up to date and that immediate attention is given to your virtual packages as soon as a viewer clicks on your website. 

Tools for virtual planning:
To have a successful wedding package you first need to have powerful and cohesive tools to help assist with all tasks virtually.

Planning a wedding virtually is not that different from planning a wedding in person if you have the right tools. Having a sweet suite of online tools can be your biggest flex of 2021. That’s why we’ve worked hard to produce Aisle Planner as an all-in-one platform that makes it not only possible but super easy and enjoyable to plan a wedding virtually! The planner-to-client collaboration abilities are fantastic and so important during a time like this. There’s no need for face-to-face interaction. Future clients can find you through our Find a pro tab, and if they see that you offer virtual services you can quickly become a top pick. AP tools are a big selling point to highlight.

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Offer a variety of packages:
During trying and unpredictable times, having flexible packages will expand your reach and improve your pro/client relationship and experience. 

Service Examples:

  • 12 months before the wedding
  • 6 months before the wedding  
  • 4 months before the wedding 


  • Checklist 
  • Timeline
  • Calendar 
  • Itinerary
  • Budget Manager
  • Design Studio
  • Guest list and seating
  • Vendor contracts
  • 30 min video calls

Outline what each package offers and what virtual planning tools are available to them. Have a couple of options to choose from or create one solid package, if that’s more in line with your work. Check out AP pro, Lisa Presnell Productions Virtual Wedding Planner for some inspiration. Curate a Questionnaire Template

Include questions about: 

  • Basic client info (name, phone number, email, etc)
  • Wedding date 
  • Guest count
  • Venue name and location
  • Budget
  • Preferred virtual package

Show Off Your Tech Skills

Of course, you’ll need to be current on all of your technology. Not only could you have virtual planning packages available but you could also market yourself as being an expert in planning an event that has virtual elements for those that can't attend. Market the platforms you use for virtual vows, whether it’s Zoom or Facebook Live, as well as the different gear you can supply to make sure everything runs smoothly. You should have a list of vendors who are also familiar with servicing a virtual event, including a photographer and an officiant.


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