How to Benefit Your Clientele With Styled Shoots

How to Benefit Your Clientele With Styled Shoots
January 08, 2020

Over the last few years, in some circles, styled shoots have become a dirty word. They became a way for planners with little or no experience to look like they were creating over the top weddings and events. While other times, they confused couples because they had no concept of the actual costs involved in recreating the shoot. However, with some guidance and realistic expectations, wedding pros can plan incredible, practical styled shoots that showcase their expertise and educate couples.


Expand Your Circle

Styled shoots are the perfect way to grow your circle of wedding professionals. They're an opportunity to work with people you might not have had the chance to collaborate with in the past. Aisle Planner offers pros incredible tools to connect with fellow Aisle Planner users. From collaborating on design ideas to sharing information through your checklists and timelines—it's all there!

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Styled Shoot
Photo courtesy Callista & Company and The Ganeys

Inspirational & Realistic

Take time to focus on what will be inspirational yet realistic for couples viewing your work. Styled shoots are often a creative outlet to create something out of the box or push couples' boundaries. But, carefully curated explanations might be the key to successfully selling these inspirations to your clients.

Too many styled shoots that get featured lack two things. They don't show couples how to interchange details, leading them to think it's an all or nothing creation. And, they lack the estimated cost of what the items featured might be. This one simple step can educate couples as to what might be a more realistic creation in their budget.

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Showcase What's New

If you're expanding your team, a styled shoot might be the perfect way to showcase a new member's style or personality. Additionally, if you've added any new products or services, a styled shoot can be a great way to show clients.

Callista & Company Styled Shoot
Photo courtesy Callista & Company and The Ganeys

Multidimensional Shoots

Another incredible but underutilized concept for styled shoots is making the inspiration multidimensional. Consider taking the same inspiration and creating three different looks but at three various price points. Showing a creation that includes elements at your average clients' price points opens the door for more potential couples to see that you're an excellent option for their budget. A second level design at a slightly higher price point can assist current clients in enhancing details in their current design. A third aspirational design shows couples what you're capable of. An over the top creation with the appropriate pricing information might get the attention of a couple who's willing to splurge for that extra wow factor!

A multidimensional styled shoot can be a massive win. It gives your the opportunity to work with multiple wedding pros, showcase your creativity, educate potential clients, and up-sell additional details to your couples. By taking a new approach to styled shoots, you'll amaze yourself as to how it can redefine your business!


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