Aisle Planner Book Club: 7 Books Every Wedding Pro Should Read in 2022

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January 10, 2022

Do you want to read more books tailored to you in the new year? We're kicking off our new monthly reading series with seven books every wedding pro should read. Head to the library or your local bookstore to help your business, community, and environment in 2022 with these book recommendations!

1. Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette by Anna & Lizzie Post

We can't do a book recommendation list about events without Ms. Post. All industries benefit from the mistress of etiquette’s rules, ideas, and ways to incorporate traditions. This updated version of all things polite can help couples navigate their day through channels of propriety and thoughtfulness. For pros, this is helpful insight on ways to guide your clients towards achieving their vision in an elegant manner. This book is also a great guide to finding creative ways to help your clients include, exec

2. Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before? by Marcella Allison & Laura Gale

Business building can be daunting, overwhelming, rewarding, terrifying, and also very funny at times. Allison and Gale’s book brings together over 60 letters from female business owners with advice for other women in business. This book is incredibly honest and straightforward, with both advice and warnings, alongside a dose of humor. It’s also a nice reminder that you’re not out there forging a new road alone, you’re walking a path some sisters have walked ahead of you.

3. A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene

For planners working with clients on a budget, this book can be the answer to so many of their needs. Meg Keene lays out a straightforward plan for keeping weddings simple without sacrificing what’s special. She lays out a guide to handling situations ranging from what traditional touches are still relevant, to how to avoid hurt feelings in sticky moments with friends and family. It's especially helpful for new planners. This book can be used as a very easy-flowing guideline from the proposal to the wedding

4. Fete: The Wedding Experience by Jung Lee

Jung Lee is a wedding mogul these days, with everything from an international client list of planned weddings to a home goods store in NYC, her vast knowledge base is gold for industry workers. While the book is from a planner’s perspective, it has insight into all the areas of the wedding industry. Gearing toward luxury that isn’t gauche, this book will have your high-end clients dreaming of making it into the pages of the sequel!

5. Wedding Photography Unveiled by Jacqueline Tobin

If you’re a wedding photographer, there is an absolute mountain of amazing advice inside the pages of this book, thanks to the top 20 wedding photographers and what they share in this collectively. These open, insightful, and successful photographers delve into everything from technique to business practices, to the evolution of modern wedding photography. It’s not often that a panel of highly successful professionals open their vault of information and draw a map. That’s exactly what they've done for the r

6. Creative Economy Entrepreneurs: From Startup to Success by Alice Loy

A lot of entrepreneur books are geared toward industries that are not of the creative mindset, but Alice Loy’s book jumps straight into the deep end for the creatives that are carving out a business path in the global economy. Business-owners in fields varying from fashion, design, animation, education, music, and more all weigh in on their respective industries and their business moves that got them to the top. The wedding industry is made and maintained by the right-brain dreamers finding a path to their

7. The Rehearsals by Annette Christie

We weren’t going to leave you with a pile of nonfiction and no romantic wedding vibes! In Annette Christies’s new book, a couple calls off their wedding after a disastrous wedding rehearsal and wakes up in a groundhog’s day loop reliving that day. A fun look at second chances and all things wedding, after you do all your business research, curl up with this and a cozy blanket and remember the other side of weddings—the romantic side.

Don’t miss an opportunity to learn more in 2022. Check out a book on the list to expand your perspective, grow your client list, and hit new goals this year with the help of insider views and advice from the best in the business!


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