How Mavinhouse Events Refreshed Their Business This Year With AP

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April 13, 2022

Like many of you probably do, we always use Q1 of the new year to reflect and revisit our business plans with renewed energy. After two unprecedented years and the anticipation of the busiest wedding season in history ahead - our team of planners is constantly evolving and innovating to anticipate our client’s needs and better our company processes.


Focusing on Our Systems

Mavinhouse is all about the freedom our planners have to run their own lives and businesses, but we can support the team by building the best systems to keep things running smoothly. From accounting to design planning - and everything in between - we'll be doing a deep dive into how to improve upon the systems we have in place and streamline the business from top to bottom. Now a growing team of six planners situated throughout New England, we rely heavily on Aisle Planner and their tools for onboarding new team members, organizing client files, and customizing the checklist feature to align with our planning benchmarks. We hope you enjoy this insider look at what we’re doing differently in 2022 as we prepare for our first few weddings.  

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Curating Our Client + Vendor Roster

Our entire team is really focused on the experiential, on-the-job learning around what makes a potential client the right fit for them, and when it might make sense to match a client with a different planner on our team. The beauty of our full team is that we are able to offer each different client the planner who will be the best fit for them, whether that is based on location, style, or personality - we have it covered. We've created an atmosphere of abundance on the team, there is enough business to go around, and a booking for Mavinhouse is a win for the whole team, no matter who the client is working with. We’re also always expanding our vendor roster so that we have a pulse on emerging talent and in turn the best stylistic matches for our clients. We consistently look at Instagram for untapped talent, take intro meetings set up by our dedicated PR team and ask for referrals from aspirational leaders within the industry. 

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Building a Team

We all know that 2022 is set to be the busiest year yet. We are proactively on the hunt for the support team members that will keep everything running smoothly during the wedding season and currently exploring the idea of expanding to new markets to better serve our clients. Our hope for the industry this year is to keep service at the forefront. Though we may be stretched physically, stay focused on the inspiring work and course correct when needed to better your business.

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