Fine-tuning your Clients Vision With the Design Studio

Design Studio
August 19, 2021

With the Style Guides and Color Palettes featured in Aisle Planner’s Design Studio, defining your client’s vision and doing more with that vision has never been easier. Upload photos, colors, and sketches to assemble a unique and detailed look for each client.

Design Studio Magic in 10 Steps 

1. With a simple click, drag, and drop, you can organize your Style Guides in the Design Studio within each project in any order you want. Now, it’s easier than ever to group your Style Guides so you can keep topics organized, arrange them for the perfect presentation, or put them in the order you’d like your client to view them to personalize the planning process.

2. The “Style Guide” button allows you to create a brand-new Style Guide with its own name and category to store all of your images.

3. The Add from Template button will allow you to add Style Guides into any project that you first created as Style Guide Templates.

4. The Style Guides and Palettes tabs in the center of your screen are where you'll really get into the collaboration aspect with your Planning Partners and clients.

5. And last, but not least, the Export button gives you the option to download, print, and share your styles.

6. Here you can easily create a Studio Share that includes Color Palettes, Style Guides, and Notes to fully describe and show your vision for the event.

7. Your Style Guides and easily be rearranged to match the order you'd prefer by simply clicking and dragging them on the main Style Guide page.

8. When you click on a Style Guide, you'll find all of the images you've added in so far. On the top left, you can easily add in more images from your computer by using the Add Image button or add images by dragging and dropping them into the style guide.

9. Below each image, you can comment back and forth with your Planning Partners. You can also edit and delete the comments you make, so no need to worry about any typos!

10. To the right of every image, you'll also see a color palette that will populate color palettes for you based on the colors found in the image. You can click on any color swatch to save it to one of your Color Palettes in the project you're working in or you can also add it to a Color Palette in any of your other active projects by scrolling through the left side panel!

For any other questions, check out The Design Studio Help Center!