Take Note! New Pro Feature Announcement

Take Note! New Pro Feature Announcement
June 30, 2014

As expert wedding pros, we are constantly taking note of every little detail throughout the planning process. Meeting notes, request for proposals, floral notes, song lists, shopping lists... the list of notes we make over the life span of a wedding, from concept to completion, go on and on (and on).

Let's face it, taking notes and keeping track of every little detail is a big part of our every day workflow, and being able to locate, reference and share these gems of information ultimately contribute to the finely tuned strings we pull to weave the most memorable day for our clients.

That's why we are thrilled to introduce the addition of NOTES to our already powerful suite of planning tools. Get all those notes out of your notebook and integrated into your planning process. Create your notes, organize them into neat customizable sections and easily and share them with clients and vendors.


Here's some of the many ways event pros are using Aisle Planner Notes:

Client Welcome Notes

"I love to set the stage for my client experience with a welcome note that provides important information that my clients might need to reference from time to time, such as important contact information, preferred methods of communication, office hours and more on what to expect throughout the planning process. Managing expectations are key when it comes to happy clients, and I find that having a welcome note helps set parameters for our working relationship."

Preferred Vendor Lists

"Regardless of the level of service a client has booked me for, I always share my preferred vendor list as a part of the kick off process for planning so clients can familiarize themselves with all of my event partners who provide exceptional service." 

Planning Worksheets

"I've created planning worksheets for everything: floral planner, ceremony planner, catering and bar menu planner, song lists, etc. It's a great way to keep all the many details in one place."

Planning Guides

"There is so much value in sharing my own knowledge and expertise through planning guides that I create as note templates and drop into each new project. I've created planning guides on everything from Invitation Etiquette and Wedding Insurance to Marriage License Information and Gratuity guides. My clients love it and I love being able to add value to their planning experience with me."

Shot Lists

"I create notes for everything from song lists to family photo shot lists and then ask my couples to complete them. This way I can keep track of their progress, offer assistance when needed and ensure that important details are ready to go for the wedding. When it's time, I can easily share them with the right vendor with just a few clicks."

Ceremony Details

"Aisle Planner makes it easy to work through details that require client input and approval, such as ceremony details. By detailing out every facet of the ceremony in a shared note, my clients can easily log in to review and approve (or adjust) as needed. No more emailing updated documents back and forth for approval!"

Shopping & Packing Lists

"Keeping track of an ever-growing shopping and packing list for each wedding has always been a chore. Now I keep them in Aisle Planner so my clients and I can easily update and add items and quantities to the list and stay on top of all the little things that could so easily fall through the cracks."

Production Lists

"I create a production plan that details every element that needs to be set up on the wedding day. Creating them in Aisle Planner allows me to easily assign responsibilities  and share them with my team so there's no confusion of what goes where, so set up can be done as planned, with or without me."


For more ideas on creative ways to use our Aisle Planner's Note feature, head on over to our help center!



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