Step-by-Step Video Tutorial on How to Use Aisle Planner Templates

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June 14, 2023

Hi there! I’m Gabby and I’m the Founder and a lead planner at 'Cause We Can Events. I started this company in 2012 in the hopes of producing events for causes. I worked for a few non-profits, planned some yoga festivals and wonderful dinner galas but I kept feeling myself being pulled more toward weddings. I loved the idea of being in nature and celebrating love under the stars. This is where I started specializing in adventurous, outdoor, destination weddings for couples who love to travel, wander, and get inspired by nature. Our events wouldn't be the success they are without Aisle Planner! We've been using the platform for a long time and there's no other tool as comprehensive. My team and I have found some really fantastic ways to use the AP tools to their max capacity.

Aisle Planner is so robust and complete that it can be very overwhelming for pros and clients. So today, I'm showing you how to create some great basic templates for things that you tend to share a lot, like a packing list, or your tip guide, and how to incorporate them into your projects and process moving forward. Get ready to pause and take notes with this highly requested video tutorial on how I use Aisle Planner Templates!


Since this video was created, Aisle Planner has made some updates so some of the features will look a little different but this information is still applicable and helpful for you and your team.

Save Time with Templates

Your time is valuable so Aisle Planner has created Templates for all of your professional needs and we encourage you to prioritize this in your processes. Having templates gives you a big advantage and edge since you can offer a unique and customized experience for your clients across the board. Templates allow you to document every step of your workflow and apply it to every project. Here are some of the main templates you should be using: 

  • Project Templates
  • Timeline Templates
  • Document Templates
  • Note Templates
  • Checklist Templates
  • Email Templates

Learn about each of these at The Ultimate Guide to Aisle Planner Templates. If you want more educational content, check out the Template Collection for articles and help guides. Make your life easier by making the best out of the AP Templates!

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Gabrielle Pinkerton
Cause We Can Events
Gabby is the founder and lead planner at Cause We Can Events and an educator in the wedding and event industry. Cause We Can Events was founded in 2012 and specializes in adventurous, outdoor, out-of-the-box destination weddings. A portion of their proceeds is donated to local nonprofits in Tennessee and Maine.