The Power of One Just Got a Whole Lot More Powerful!

The Power of One Just Got a Whole Lot More Powerful!
February 06, 2019
When Aisle Planner was just a flurry of ideas on Post-It notes and late-night chats n’ rants, we recognized a gap in the understanding of the relationship between the business of event planning  and project management, and the planning itself. The business of meeting and booking new clients would end and the planning would begin. This, despite the fact both related to the same client, the same pro and the same event. Our vision was and remains to create a world-class solution where the business and the planning were united. Where first contact with a new client could connect to the documentation and workflow of the booking process, and flow right into the collaboration, communication and detail management of an extraordinary event. We call it "The Power of One."


We continue to add to and improve our suite of planning and project management features with every release.  Over the past two years, however, we've been intensely focused developing an amazing set of marketing and client management features. When connected to our planning and project management suite,  these new tools have the power to shape a seamless, online client and project management experience.

The Post-It notes have given way to wall-sized dry erase boards. Our own projects dashboard is overflowing. And, there are still plenty of late nights (#cantstopwontstop!) but the reward is so worth it. We’re thrilled to announce the release of a host of new features and enhancements. Each one, just like the last, designed to make the “Power of One” even more powerful. Each one designed to you the best tool to make their businesses more efficient and effective. To make their lives just that much easier.

The Power of One: Questionnaires

As event pros, we live and die by the details. We’re perfectly at home working with long checklists and managing minute-by-minute timelines, which only means getting the right information from your clients, right when you need is absolutely critical. Our new Questionnaires feature improves the way you collect information about your clients, their unique interests and vision for their event. You have the details you need to deliver the event they expect and execute like the boss pro you are.

The Power of One: Documents & Document Templates

Designing, detailing, and delivering every document related to your project management workflow needs to be effortless. We completed a long list of additions and enhancements that will change your document game but here’s a hot list of some of the biggest and best:

The Power of One: Zapier Integration

We’re firm believers in technology (obviously!). More specifically, we believe in the power of technology to improve your businesses and your quality of life. All from the convenience of just about any connected device.  With the integration of the Zapier API, Aisle Planner will have the connectivity to some of the world's best, strongest and most popular complementary platforms like Google, Quickbooks and MailChimp, to name a few. You can generate triggers and actions between Aisle Planner and other apps, creating new efficiencies and making technology work for you.

Our entire team is behind our mission to give our subscribers the “Power of One” in Aisle Planner. One login, one platform, one experience. The mission to empower our pro community to build better businesses. To craft extraordinary events. To deliver first-class client experiences. And, to live better lives.

Stay tuned to the Pro Blog this month as we break down these new features in more detail and check out the latest from our Founder, Christina Farrow, about what we're doing and why we're constantly working to Aisle Planner the "Power of One"!


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