New Feature: Introducing the Redesigned Note Index

New Feature: Introducing the Redesigned Note Index (Note Index grid shown on an Ipad)
April 12, 2023

We’re in our redesign era! A new year means more updates to the Aisle Planner platform that you’re going to love. We started this redesign process with the updated Submissions Tool and the navigation bar, then revamped the Lead Index and the Project Index. Drumroll for the newly redesigned Note Index—our latest feature update! 

Our goal with this phase of Aisle Planner is to streamline and improve the user experience and build consistency across the entire platform. When you log into your Aisle Planner account, you’ll see that the Note Index design aligns perfectly with the Lead Index and Project Index. We’re giving you engaging and customizable functionality with more quick actions to minimize clicking so you can do more at the index level. Learn more about the design enhancements and what they can do for you and your business!


Introducing the New Note Index from Aisle Planner on Vimeo.

New List View

The big update to the Note Index is the new List View. This has been a highly requested feature from our community, especially from pros who have a lot of notes within a project. You take a look at the List View in the next section.

  • We’ve moved the “Add New Note” button to the top right. 
  • When you want to create a note from a template, click on the “Add New Note” button and select the “Note From Template” option.

View Options

Like the Lead Index and Project Index, we added a View Options menu. The View Options menu will give you the ability to switch your view from grid to list view. This gives you the flexibility to choose the view of your liking/preference.

List View 

list view

Grid View

Grid view

Introducing Shortcuts

Who doesn’t love a shortcut? We all do! So of course, we had to add shortcuts to the Note Index so you can organize all of your content in one place. You’ll be able to link to your website, PDF documents, and more. Everything will have one home within the project's Note Index. 

The section below has everything you need to know about shortcuts and the setup process.

New 'Create a Note/Shortcut' Modals

Your experience creating a new note just got better! You’re able to create a note with more details, such as title and permissions before you proceed to the note editor to add content.

With this new design, when you click the “Add New Note” button, you’ll be directed to a modal with these options: 

  • Shortcut 
  • Note
  • Note From Template 
create a new note



If you select “Shortcut,” you’ll be directed to a second modal that allows you to add basic details for the shortcut (title, URL, restrictions, cover image). 




If a user selects “Note,” you’ll be directed to a second modal that allows you to add basic details for the note (title, restrictions, cover image). 

Note From Template

If you select “Note From Template,” you’ll be directed to a second modal that allows you to choose a note template. 

In order to add a template you have to create a folder, and then you can create as many note templates as you want within that folder.

Add Folder

When you’re in your project’s Note Index, you’ll be able to see all of the template folder names and the templates in each folder. 

add from template


If you don’t have any note templates, we created a call to action to direct you to the note template section (in Business Settings) to create your first template. We added this to ensure you’re set up for success and have a seamless workflow. 

In addition to the improved user experience, we've added the ability to upload a cover image at the time of note/shortcut creation and the ability to adjust the image.

Note Setting Editing Capabilities 

Within the Note Index, we added editing capabilities and a “More Options” menu that will appear when you hover over the note. You can edit your note/shortcut titles directly in the index, without having to click into the note editor to make any changes. 

  • For “Notes,” the three-dot “More Options” menu will give you the ability to edit the cover image, duplicate the note, rename the note, save the note as a template, delete the note, and update the restrictions. 
    • When a note is duplicated all of the contents in the note and the restrictions will be the same. 'Created by' will change to the name of the org member who duplicated the note and the date they duplicated the note. 'Last updated' will change to the date/time the note was duplicated.
  • For “Shortcuts,” the three-dot “More Options” menu will give you the ability to edit the cover image, edit the URL, rename the shortcut, delete the shortcut, and update the restrictions.

Visual Queues to the Index

We added some visual queues to the index to help identify the permissions of a note and to also identify if the note is a shortcut or not. 

  • Shortcut Icon: Located in the bottom left of the cover image - signifies that the note is a shortcut. This icon will always appear (on hover or not).
  • Visibility Icon: Signifies that the note/shortcut's visibility permissions are set to 'Org members only'. This icon will always appear (on hover or not).
  • Lock Icon: Signifies that the note/shortcut's editing permissions are set to 'Client editing locked'. This icon will always appear (on hover or not).

Add/Delete & Expand Sections 

Currently, if a note is tagged with a specific category (ex. Cake) it will create a section title in the index and all notes tagged with that category will fall underneath the section. Now, you can add/delete sections, and they will not be linked back to categories. This will provide more flexibility and allow you to further customize your Note Index to your specific business needs. You’ll also be able to expand or collapse the note sections for a cleaner and more organized look.

collapse section

Ability to Rearrange

Another big request was to have the ability to rearrange notes within the index. You will now be able to:

  • Drag & Drop individual notes within a section or outside of a section
  • Rearrange entire sections and the notes within by clicking up/down arrows
Move selection

Updated Prep Mode

We've cleaned up the prep mode design. This means you will no longer see the progress bar at the top of the tool page in Notes. Prep mode will now be shown to the right of the page as a collapsible tab. The default will have the tab expanded, but you can close it according to your preference. You can release notes by clicking the ‘Release Notebook’ button in the tab.

prep mode

A Brand New Search Feature

With all of our updates, we always look at ways of improving workflow efficiency for our community, so we added the search feature to help you find the note you’re looking for faster, rather than scrolling through endless notes to locate what you’re looking for. 

Search feature


Do you want a step-by-step walkthrough of the Notes feature? Head to the Help Center Intro to Your Project Notebook for detailed instructions, pictures, and mini video tutorials.

Our team is working diligently to incorporate the feedback we’ve received from our community into each phase of our Aisle Planner redesign in order to give you the best software solution. Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come! Feel free to reach out to our amazing Customer Support team with any questions at


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