Introducing Lead Management

Introducing Lead Management
June 13, 2016

As planners, we are juggling so many things behind the scenes, and often times we’re juggling multiple tools, software programs and systems to get everything done. We are thrilled to say that Aisle Planner is moving in the direction of becoming a complete platform for event professionals to manage their business and design, organize and execute incredible events.

Today we announce our newest feature: Lead Management!

When you receive that first booking inquiry, meet your potential new clients for coffee, or receive a referral of an amazing duo from a vendor you do business with often, you’ll now have a place within Aisle Planner to track the lead. The simple action of creating a new lead record has the potential to keep you and your team on track to follow up sooner, save important information you can reference for an added personal touch, and will keep you from letting anyone slip through the cracks. The more your potential clients feel taken care of from the start, the more they’ll begin to trust you with the most important day in their lives, leading to more bookings and a rapidly growing dream business!


Aisle Planner Lead Management

General Information

Keep track of the important information and details that each prospective client shares with you. And, more importantly, keep it all in one place. Our new lead management tool allows you to store:
  • Point of contact
  • Phone number
  • Email contact
  • Address
  • Event location
  • City and state
  • Event date
  • Location
  • Estimated guest count and budget information
  • The couple's name (in case the point of contact is different)

Plus, you can track the status of each of your leads. See where each of your potential clients is in the booking process all at a glance. 

Aisle Planner Lead Management

General Notes

There are a lot of conversations that take place when you first start talking to prospective clients and there are definitely a lot of details to make note of! So we've created the ability for you to easily take notes about all of the important first details that are getting shared with you; things like:
  • Where are your clients from?
  • How did they hear about you?
  • What are they venues they're considering?
  • What do they envision for the big day?
  • How many are in their bridal party?
Aisle Planner Lead Management

Activity Log

Easily keep track of where you left off with each prospective client. Did you meet up for coffee? Did you already send them the revised proposal? Keep track of your activity updates during the booking process so that you (and your team) know exactly what to follow up on next.
Aisle Planner Lead Management

Start Collecting Data

Not every couple that reaches out to you is going to book (their loss!) and you want to track why. If a lead ends up not being the right fit, take note about the reason why and then use that information at the end of the year when you look back at your successes and challenges.

Easily Turn Leads Into a Wedding

Once you've booked your lead as a client, create a wedding from that lead record with a click of a button! Simply click "Create Project from Lead," select your template and you're done! No need to re-enter the information you collected during the booking process - your notes will be saved as a "Planner Only" note within the Notebook feature for easy reference as you continue to plan.

We are excited to continue building the most comprehensive suite of wedding and event planning tools in the coming months! If you have any questions about our new Lead Management feature, don't hesitate to reach out to


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