Getting Published on Aisle Planner: Our Top Tips

Getting Published on Aisle Planner: Our Top Tips
October 03, 2018

As a team of wedding pros, one of our main goals is to put the work of our talented pro community (ahem, that’s you!) front and center on, where thousands of engaged couples can see it, fall in love with it, and then easily connect with you as a result. Today, then, we’re breaking down our top tips for getting all of that eye-candy you’re responsible for published on Aisle Planner, where potential clients are patiently waiting for all of that pretty portfolio work of yours.


Aisle Planner’s Publishing Platform

One of the best ways to get your work featured on our wedding-pro-forward website? Submit it via Aisle Planner’s Publishing Platform, of course! Members of the Aisle Planner community can find our publishing tools on their Aisle Planner dashboard. Through the publishing platform, AP users can easily submit their work to our team from within their account. Simply upload your images, fill out a few fields, and viola! If your work is selected, it will be featured front-and-center on Aisle Planner’s Inspiration Gallery, where potential clients spend some serious time seeking design inspo and searching for pros. ( can read more about what we’re seeking in submissions below.)

Pro Tip: Don’t have an Aisle Planner marketplace listing? You should. When your work is published in our inspiration gallery, it links directly to your listing in our marketplace—allowing couples who are inspired by your work to easily get in touch with you.

Two Bright Lights Platform

If you aren’t a current Aisle Planner member (insert crying emoji because we totally think you should be), you can also submit your work for publishing consideration via Two Bright Lights. We absolutely love Two Bright Lights because it makes it easy for us to connect with tons of wedding pros around the world. It also acts as an amazing compliment to our own publishing platform since tons of pros are already uploading their galleries to Two Bright Lights (and, as busy wedding pros ourselves, we get it: you don’t have time to waste—using the TBL submission platform is such an easy and efficient way to get your work considered by Aisle Planner, without having to take the extra time to submit it via our own platform).

What we are Looking for in Submissions

Alright, it’s the part you’ve been waiting for: what, exactly, are we seeking in submissions...and how to you ensure yours has the best shot of being published? We’ve rounded up advice about what we’re looking for below:

  • We love featuring weddings of all shapes and sizes because that’s what the world looks like! We’re always seeking diversity in weddings—whether that’s cultural diversity or simply a wedding aesthetic that stands out from the rest. We feature everything from intimate backyard affairs to full-fledged ballroom weddings with guest lists of 300+.
  • We’re seeking clean photography. We accept all styles of weddings, but we do prefer to feature weddings that have photography that is clean, classic, and not overly saturated (we do love a good moody gallery, though!). The more detail shots you can provide (stationery suite, place settings, tablescapes, florals), the better. Our main goal is to publish work that excites engaged couples and drives them to connect with wedding pros: the prettier and more swoon-worthy your shots, the better.
  • Bonus points for minimalism and black-and-white colors. While this isn’t a total necessity, we do love it when galleries have a few strong images that are more minimal and/or have mostly black or white colors. This just helps us keep our Instagram grid on point. Remember, this is a nice-to-have for us, not a must have!


Hero photo courtesy Codrean Photography 


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