Feature Spotlight: Lead Management Made Easy

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April 09, 2021

Our life as event pros is not always glitz and glam. Following up with leads and booking clients can often be a messy and complicated process, but it is an essential part of our work. Without a successful lead management process, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we love. Thankfully, Aisle Planner has designed an all-inclusive and customizable Lead Management Tool. Read all about it, and say hello to revolutionary booking all in one place, with the power of one. 


The Power of the Lead Manager 

You can relax and put your feet up when you have a reliable system in place to manage every client and maximize every booking opportunity. The Lead Manager does all of that and more. You can book perspective clients through an easy step-by-step process. By setting up a lead record, your team can track how to move your clients through the initial inquiry stages, follow up in a timely manner, and ultimately book them. With templates that will save you time and customizable features, you can keep your branding cohesive and speak uniquely to each client. If you’re new to the AP suite of tools, watch this helpful Intro to the Lead Manager video to get started. 

Lead record capabilities:

  • Keeps track of every client detail, from the lead’s personal and contact information, event information, to the services they’re interested in.
  • Has a note section so you can add other necessary information, like theme and vision.
  • Can send documents like brochures, proposals, quotes, invoices, and contracts.
  • Tracks your progress and where you left off so you know what steps come next.
  • When a client is officially booked you can change the settings so the lead record becomes a project. AP will automatically populate all of the client’s information to the new project. 
  • Houses a large number of lead records so you can meet all of their needs at the same time and in an organized manner.

Customize Auto-Responses

Booking clients is all about timing. Responding in a timely manner can determine whether or not a client chooses to purchase your services. With the Lead Contact Form, inquiries go straight to your inbox so you can see every client, detail, and respond appropriately. Even better, you can create customized auto-responses that give inquiring clients information immediately. These responses speak volumes about your professionalism and care for your clients. Right from the start, your potential leads will receive the information they need branded to perfection.

Pro Tip: Embed or link your Lead Contact Form on your website and as soon as someone fills it out, they will also be added automatically to your lead manager. Truly a win-win for all. 


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Edit Lead Assignments 

At Aisle Planner, we know that it takes a team to achieve greatness. That’s why all of our features are collaboration-friendly. You can assign lead notifications to specific team members and edit settings so leads are only visible to the appropriate team members. You can go back and edit these assignments at any time. 

Track Data for Improvement 

Knowing where to focus your marketing efforts and what is and isn’t successful at drawing in new clients is now easier than ever. You can ask leads how they found you and you can add as many lead sources as necessary. Consider where you focus your marketing efforts. Where are your ads? Are you active on Instagram and Facebook? Or possibly wedding blogs? Which vendors do you work with? These questions will help you add the right lead sources. We’ll walk you through the steps of Customizing Your Lead Sources

If a lead doesn’t end up booking with you, this information does not go to waste. In the same lead record, there is a feature called 'Reasons A Lead Didn’t Book Your Services'. This documents why the lead didn’t book, allowing you to do an end-of-year review analyzing unsuccessful patterns so you can reset and increase the number of clients you book in the future. 


For all of your Lead Management needs, head over to our Help Center: All About the Lead Manager


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