Favorite Feature Friday: Notes

Favorite Feature Friday: Notes
November 06, 2020

Notes make the world go round for event professionals. It’s simply a fact. Without notes, we have no rhyme or reason. It’s one of the most basic but crucial parts of event planning and can often be overlooked. There's a beauty in carrying a tangible notepad and scribbling quick notes with your favorite pen but let’s admit it, we’re on the up and up and notes provide a wealth of information that needs to live and breathe outside of ink and paper. We've revolutionized note-taking to another digital level by curating a Notebook Tool that's versatile, accessible, collaborative, and so much more. Let’s learn how to utilize this special tool for all that it’s worth! 



Planning a wedding is stressful as it is. Now add frantically searching for documents, or having to wait a long time to find what you’re looking for. Not knowing what stage you’re at or not being able to access what you need is a hindrance to your brand, team, and clients. We’re on the go, and we need quick and easy access to information. Your partners, vendors, team members, and clients need to have cohesive access to information that's pertinent to them. It’s 2020, and there's no way around it. Luckily for you, the AP notes are incredibly easy to access wherever you are! 

Permission Settings 

Sharing notes with the right eyes just got easier. Not all notes are meant for everyone on your team. Filter and manage with the permission settings. You can give permission to your internal team and permission to your clients as you see fit. 

Are there things you want every event pro/vendor who joins the project to know about the clients? Make a note! Notes such as family dynamics, fun facts, outfit details, personality traits, etc. This will help the entire team working on the event have a cohesive understanding of who they're working for.

The permission settings are so customizable that there are even different levels of permission that you can grant! So much power right at your fingertips.  


It’s all in one place in a perfectly organized manner. Every detail can be arranged exactly as you want. You have a vision and the ability to customize to boot. You can store several important documents, notes, and templates and easily locate them within your Notebook. It’s hassle-free and a definite client favorite. 


The ultimate saving grace. If you can think of it, you can make a template for it.

  • Guides: Walk your clients through how your company uses AP tools and what they have to offer them through the planning process. Using the AP suite of tools is unique to you and gives your services an edge that other wedding pros may not have. 
  • Lists: Make all of the lists! Honeymoon packing ideas, gift ideas, song lists, etc.
  • Additional Services: If you offer additional services such as rentals, florals, or even calligraphy, make Notes Templates for these business areas so you can easily load them into all of your new projects.
  • Venues: Are you a venue? Create Notes Templates for each of the locations you offer for ceremony/reception so people can easily see the different spaces and some examples of what their event would look like.
  • Resources: Compile resources that you know every client will need. Such as tipping guidelines and day-of expectations.

You can use the notes templates for anything you and your couple desire and then easily transport them to any project or event. Read more about Using Your Aisle Planner Notebook to Stand Out. Saving time and standing out is what it’s all about. 

Editing Quotes & Invoices

Tracking details during the planning process is your bread and butter. It’s what'll give your clients confidence in your ability to “wow” them. To up your “wow” factor, we have a host of Rich-Text Editing for Notes in Quotes and Invoices.

Quotes and invoices are ever-changing documents. We give you the tools to make important side notes on invoices and quotes as you review them with your clients. You and your clients can now go back and reference the additional information quickly. As the process continues, you can easily make edits as you go.

You can also: 

  • Outline payment steps
  • Bold and underline
  • Create lists 
  • Add links
  • Clear formatting 

The notes tool will turn your process into a well-oiled machine. What are you going to do with your newfound time? Whatever it is, we're happy to provide you with tools that'll give you the gift of time.


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