9 Tips to Make the Most of Your AP Trial Period

AP Trial
February 19, 2021

Before making the monetary choice to choose a platform, it’s practical to give it a test run. We encourage and welcome you to try out Aisle Planner's all-in-one suite of tools to see if you love them as much as we do! This 30-day trial period will give you full access to all Aisle Planner Pro Tools. Visit our Help Center to read more about and sign up for a free 30-Day Trial. Once your trial is over you have the option to subscribe to some or all of our tools. In order to make an informed decision, we rounded up nine helpful tips on how to get familiar with and fully explore all of the tools Aisle Planner has to offer during a free trial period!


1. Log In & Play Around

The whole point of a trial period is for you to have an opportunity to experience all that the AP tools can do for your business. Have fun and explore. Make sample projects so you can get a feel for the platform. 

2. Start with the Basics

3. Set Up a Marketplace Listing

Want to find and secure more clients? At the very minimum, you should Set Up Your Listing so clients can find you! Not all marketing channels are created equally! Visit the Help Center for a quick overview video as well as written instructions on how to do so. Securing a Basic Listing is a free feature that can help you even during your Aisle Planner trial period.

Pro Tip: Make sure all of your website and online marketing information is up to date, and be sure to set up auto-responders. 

4. Get Familiar with the Help Center

The Help Center has information about every single tool available as well as tips for best use. There’s introductory information for various levels of experience, helpful tutorial videos, and so much more! Learn, learn, learn as much as you can during this time. That way you’ll know if Aisle Planner is a fit for you and your business. There is also a Onboarding video series in the Help Center that is sure to get you started on accessing all of the tools available to you. 

5. Explore the Pro Blog Articles

If you want to explore more about all of the tools that Aisle Planner has to offer, consider checking out the Feature Spotlight section of our Pro Blog. This section contains valuable information about all of our tools and their capabilities. This is great for after you've explored AP on your own to see if you have any blind spots, or need a quick refresher on how to use a certain tool. 

6. Ask Questions Via the Chat Bubble

As you’re exploring Aisle Planner, if a quick question pops up, take advantage of the chat bubble! A customer service member can assist you in a timely manner. 

7. Sign Up for the AP Newsletter

The Aisle Planner Newsletter will keep you in the loop about industry insights, professional resources, and new features and updates.  

8. Visit AP Education Tab

This is a space created just for you to easily access product information and learn all about our AP tools and features. Get an inside look at how each tool functions and how you can maximize your subscription to best benefit your business. We have everything from how-tos and insider tips on all things sales, project management, and marketing to helpful insights written by AP pros just like you, exciting release updates, and so much more!

9. Follow Us on Social

A great way to stay up to date on AP tools, releases, trends, and tips is to follow us on Instagram @aisleplanner. Join the conversation and engage with our community of AP pros! 


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Aisle Planner Editorial Team
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