10 Exciting Ways to Utilize Style Guide Templates

Style Guide Templates
July 30, 2020

Templates, templates, templates! We love them, and what else do we love? The Style Guide tool! Now you can create Style Guide Templates, a feature that was highly requested. We're driven to expand the types of templates available to you so you can truly thrive. You have the flexibility to create every kind of Style Guide Template and the ease of quickly importing them into any project.


The Style Guide

As visual creatures we need images to help communicate what we want and to plan the ideal outcome. The Style Guide goes above and beyond pinning on Pinterest. It’s communication capabilities allow you and your clients to have direct conversations through comments, and clients don’t even have to log into AP to respond. Show your clients that the Style Guide is available and user friendly for them too! They can read How to Organize Your Wedding Inspiration with Aisle Planner’s Style Guides to familiarize themselves with the tool. It's a perfect form of collaboration with clients and vendors.

There’s so much you can do! Feeling inspired? Five Creative Ways to Make the Most of the Aisle Planner’s Style Guides opens the doors of possibility. Okay, so you’re already sold on the Style Guide but why the template? Like any template, this new feature streamlines creativity, aesthetic, mood, and finish. 

How To

If you haven’t started your Style Guide Template yet, getting started is simple. Follow the easy steps on Creating Style Guide Templates to begin your journey. Once finished, you can use these templates to adjust and update styles to fit your couples accordingly and transfer them to the Design Studio of any project at any time.

Wedding Inspiration
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10 Template Ideas

1. Favorite Local Vendors (By Location)

You know the vendors that you love to work with. Why not make templates of your faves based on location? That way your clients have a specific location lens to look through.

2. Go-To Venues

Along with vendors, you’re an expert on the best venues out there. You’ve seen it all and you know what’s good.

3. Trends

Capture all of the latest and oldest trends by creating a template that uniquely represents them. It'll be so easy to reference them and wow your clients with how prepared you are.

4. Rentals (By Company)

Rentals are a big part of weddings. Share your experience with rentals by creating templates based on rental company types. This type of organization will really help couples find what they need.

5. Florals (By Season)

Group together floral families based on season. Seasonal templates are great starters to share with couples when you first begin to talk design.

6. Colors (By Season)

Display color palettes by seasons! The Style Guide feature takes colors from images to create a palette and all you have to do is create a template for each season.

7. Food Displays

There’s nothing better than a delicious moodboard of food displays. There are so many different options and kinds so you’ll have a variety to share.

8. Desserts

The dessert templates will certainly be the most mouth watering and to die for templates! Think decadence and theme. Pair desserts that you know will taste and look good together.

9. Interactive Opportunities

Show couples how you can engage guests to make the most memorable celebration through interactive ideas like photo booths, performers, mixologists, etc.

10. Something for Everyone

These templates are not restricted to wedding planners. They can be used if you’re a floral designer, a venue, a photographer, caterers, bakers, etc. The Style Guide Templates are for everyone!


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