Unveiled Real Weddings with AP Pros: How Type A Soirée Used Aisle Planner Tools to Plan a 3-Day Wedding

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February 09, 2022

Executing one event requires top expertise and planning skills, so executing three back-to-back events presents even more of a challenge. Veronica Carr from Type A Soirée took on this big feat with the help of the Aisle Planner suite of tools from beginning to end! In this second installment of the Unveiled series, learn how Veronica used AP tools to work with her clients Kim and John to make the planning process easy and seamless! See how each step looked on Aisle Planner vs. how the final product turned out in real life!

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Veronica used Aisle Planner through the entire planning process of Kim and John’s 3-day Wedding Extravaganza. Veronica expressed,  “We couldn’t have done it without Aisle Planner. It has been such an amazing tool for us, specifically when planning a multi-day event. It was so phenomenal being able to switch between the different tools, the days, the guests, and the seating. Beyond that, the timelines, and allocating tasks to specific vendors and to the couple was the most beneficial aspect of it all!” 

Kim shared, “I love the layout and seating chart! It’s so cool how you can just put in your guests where you want and then just move them around however you want. I’m older and it was simple for me to use. I love that! I love everything about Aisle Planner. Paying vendors and all communications, setting up the layout, and editing the guests was all really convenient and user friendly.” 

 "I’m older and it was simple for me to use. I love that! I love everything about Aisle Planner. Paying vendors and all communications, setting up the layout, and editing the guests was all really convenient and user friendly.” -The bride, Kim

Timeline & Budget

"Keeping track of the timelines for each day and being able to have a comprehensive and cohesive timeline that all of the vendors have access to was so helpful!" Due to the pandemic, Veronica and the couple had only met in person about four times, yet they were able to organize and plan the whole event via the Aisle Planner tools and video calls. Through Aisle Planner, Veronica was able to set up each day by itinerary and needs.

Conversations about the budget were made easier, as Veronica could guide the couple through expected costs. With the budget tool, Kim loved that she could always see what had already been paid and what was left to pay. Each vendor was listed clearly with their respective fees. Veronica’s biggest concern was that there were so many shortages due to the pandemic, but with AP’s planning tools and collaborative capabilities, she could make sure that everything she needed would arrive on time and that all vendors were on the same page. 

AP timeline


The checklist is a fan favorite/must-have tool on Aisle Planner. There’s nothing a well-made checklist can’t do. Veronica used the checklist as the foundation of the planning process. It gave her the ability to categorize items, assign tasks to her team, set due dates, and smooth out the planning process. 

Ap Checklist

Design Studio

Kim and John really focused on the color palettes as a central part of each day. Kim’s love for peacocks, the couple's affinity for New Orleans, and the Casita’s Spanish-style architecture were all huge inspirations for Veronica and the couple's vision. Veronica took full advantage of the Design Studio tools to present Kim with mood boards of decor and color palette swatches. They played around with palettes, so each palette was unique but still had some complementary and unifying colors. 

“I was thrilled to be able to use color! Most couples like to stick to neutrals and blush. We went wild with color. Like we used four different napkin colors that we tied into the florals!"-Veronica Carr, Type A Soirée

Design Studio

Day 1: Welcome Party

Welcome party design studio
Spanish style fireplace with flowers
Photo courtesy of The Aisle Guide

Day 2: Rehearsal Dinner

rehearsal dinner mood board
New Orleans Tablescape
Photo courtesy of Justice Photography

Day 3: Wedding

Wedding day moodboard
Wedding day tablescape
Photo courtesy of Justice Photography

Color Palette

The color palette creator on Aisle Planner is an incredible feature of the Design Studio. Each inspiration picture for each day was loaded to a Style Guide and the most prominent colors of the images were pulled to create an original palette. Veronica then selected and saved individual swatches to create custom palettes for every aspect of the 3-day event—from the plate settings, florals, cocktail tables, escort walls, and every other detail.

color palette

Layout & Seating 

“One of the big challenges that came with having a 3-day event at the same venue was transforming the spaces into three completely different feels. We wanted the guests to feel like they were in a new place. We had several different rentals for each event. So it was all staged as they built out each day,” Veronica shared. 

The Layout & Seating tool was a lifesaver! “I wanted the tables set up in different formations for each day in order to create an illusion that the space was different. Moving tables around and seats was so easy! I kind of wanted to play tricks on people, so nothing ever felt underwhelming.” 

As much as we plan for everything, things don’t always work out how we want them to. So having backup plans is so important. When Veronica told her clients that they might need to have a tent because of possible rain, it did not go very well.  It wasn’t until she showed them examples of what it would look like through the Aisle Planner Design features and layouts that they changed their mind. Seeing what lighting and draping could do to transform the space, completely eased Kim and John’s nerves!



The ceremony layout
Photo courtesy of Justice Photography
reception layout
Photo courtesy of Justice Photography
Photo courtesy of Justice Photography

You can find full coverage of the 3-day event on our social media at @aisleplanner and @theaisleguide.

Hero photo courtesy of Justice Photography


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