8 Ways to Incorporate the Barbiecore Aesthetic Into a Wedding

Barbie wedding
July 10, 2023

Come on Barbie, let's go party! There's such a boost of serotonin and nostalgia that comes with the pink queen of our childhood—Barbie! One of the most creative and fun aesthetics taking over 2023 is Barbiecore, which embraces all things pink, sparkles, and feminine empowerment. The famous Mattel doll is seeing a resurgence with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling appearing in the upcoming Barbie movie. It's also perfect timing with the Pantone color of the year—Viva Magenta! Bold pink hues took center stage at the Valentino runway show with celebs including Florence Pugh, Anne Hathaway, and Nicola Peltz-Beckham showing up in bright pink couture.

"Barbiecore has become a stand-out trend for weddings, especially for a modern couple looking to have a very memorable event with pops of color and vintage themes,” explains Samantha Kin of To Be Loved Events. “I think it's become so popular because couples are looking for unconventional ways to make their event different and exciting.” The romantic and eclectic style has stolen people's hearts worldwide and translates perfectly to nuptials and events. Looking for unique, yet classy ways to incorporate Barbiecore elements into your wedding or event? Here are 8 tips to bring this trend to life!


1. Figure Out the Exact Vibe

What does a Barbie theme even entail? That's up to you! Each couple and person is going to want their own take on the theme. It can scream Barbie or just have sweet nods to Barbie. "If you're going to really lean into the aesthetic, make sure to think about all aspects of the event beforehand," says Kin. How do you want the wedding ceremony and reception to look and feel? How do you want guests to experience the theme? Do you want it to be subtle or over-the-top? The amazing thing about doing a Barbie theme is that Barbie is known for being versatile. There's Hollywood Barbie if you're feeling glam, cowgirl Barbie for those hosting at a barn, beach Barbie for the oceanside couple, disco for some groove etc. And of course, you need the pink Barbie dream convertible. Find your vibe and run with it!

Pink Barbie wedding with pink car
Photos courtesy of Sierra Dawn Photo

2. Think Pink

Couples who want to commit to the Barbiecore trend need to truly embrace pink as this is a central way of creating the Barbie feel. This doesn't mean everything needs to be blindingly pink, it means being intentional and strategic about how you incorporate pink into aspects of the event. Florals, linens, furniture, and wedding party attire are great for this!

Pink barbie wedding tablescape and dresses
Photos courtesy of Mark Horton Photos

3. Mix & Match Hues

You don’t have to stick with super bright pinks if you want to be more subtle. Instead, Kin recommends keeping the pink palette more pastel with some pops of the brighter tones like she did in the wedding below. For example, feature more pastel or neutral linens but make the napkins or flowers pop on your guest tables. Or utilize subtle wedding party attire and incorporate brighter color in your bouquets. Head to the Design Studio to play around and make the perfect color palette! 

Pink Barbie stationery and backdrop
Photos courtesy of Carmen Lopez Photography | Planned by Samantha Kin of To Be Loved Events

4. Add Accessories

While bolder couples might want to walk down the aisle in an all-pink confection, those who want to embrace Barbiecore but still don traditional attire can simply add some pink to their wedding day look through accessories, Think shoes, veil, hat, gloves, bag, jewelry, tie, pocket square, boutonniere, socks. etc. Couples can even do a full outfit change into a pink ensemble for the reception!

Pink Barbie disco desert wedding
Photos courtesy of Carmen Lopez Photography | Planned by Samantha Kin of To Be Loved Events

5. Design a Classic Tablescape

While Barbiecore is all about campy fun, you can still have a classic tablescape. Barbie is everything, including elegant. Lush florals (in shades of pink, of course), gold chairs and bright linens give off a romantic and timeless look while still keeping with the overall theme. Adding black and white to the palette can also be a chic way to elevate the theme. Sarah Brennan Events achieved this with the black and white stripe addition to the tablescape. This look is a nod to Barbie's 1959 iconic swimsuit! Looking back at styles that Barbie has famously worn and turning them into decor touches is an easy way to get inspiration.

Pink barbie wedding tablescape
Photo courtesy of Michael & Anna Costa Photography

6. Serve Some Pink Cocktails & Treats

Ask your bartender to create some pretty pink signature cocktails with fun Barbie themed names for guests to enjoy. At the end of the night, family and friends can indulge in a few sweet treats at the all-pink dessert bar, with cotton candy, cupcakes, cookies and more.

Barbie wedding cocktails and desserts
Photos courtesy of Michael & Anna Costa Photography (left), Carmen Lopez Photography (right)

7. Brighten Up the Décor

Find ways to incorporate the theme into the wedding venue’s décor. We love bright neon signs using romantic or fun sayings, as well as heart-shaped confetti in varying shades of pink thrown strategically onto the guest tables. You can also play up the pop vibe with some fun pink and white balloon arches around the location—they also make for fantastic photo opps for guests!

Barbie wedding and neon light
Photos courtesy of Michael & Anna Costa Photography

8. Play with Lighting

Lighting can really make or break a room’s aesthetic, so don’t be afraid to go a little over-the-top when pulling off Barbiecore. Showcase your venue with hot pink lights, and also consider glowing tables and pink candles around the room. For a subtler more elegant atmosphere, opt for warm twinkle lights strung above and taper candles on the tables for the flickering romantic ambiance. Check out the before and after of how Aisle Planner pro, Sarah Brennan Events, used the Design Studio and the Layout Tool to plan this wedding from the moment of inspiration to the day-of!

Aisle Planner Design Studio
Aisle Planner layout


Barbie wedding layout and tables
Photo courtesy of Michael & Anna Costa Photography


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